From FL to NY, One Man\’s Journey to Bring Happiness to over 10 million people while battling Cancer

Florida, USA – 03 Jul, 2017 – There have been many book tours over the years, but this one will make you stand up and take notice. This unusual book tour is all about spreading happiness to millions of people. A journey of exhilarating benefits set out by one man- Edward Rodriguez to spread 10 million smiles with his book tour titled ’10 Million Smiles from FL to NY’ while also battling Cancer.

A wealth of information on how to overcome the struggles of everyday life, Edward’s book, “10 Million Smiles from FL to NY” delivers an important message appropriate for today’s audiences. Edward’s delivery method is symbolic of his unusual nature. Edward will be traveling from town to town and walk through the streets towing a 20” x 40” cart behind him, filled with books ready to sign as he delivers his message of happiness.

Edward’s stories awaken the “Creative Happiness Intelligence” that lives inside us all. His storytelling style captivates audiences and allows each listener to explore new possibilities in life. His interactive approach adds flavor to the stories being told and the uniqueness of his stories, sharing messages of hope that so many people are in search of and firing up the self-inspiration in us all. As Edward shares stories from his book, audiences lean forward to capture the words of wisdom being shared.

Never before has an author walked the streets of a town with a cart in tow while battling Cancer. Never before has a Cancer patient determined to beat his cancer while giving others happiness through his written words. It takes a special kind of courage and dedication to set yourself apart from all the rest to deliver your message. Edward is a man willing to do what it takes to help the people of this world to smile again and his unique style may be just what we need.

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About the author

Edward Rodriguez’s life devolved into a series of difficult challenges. He faced a business disaster, a grievous loss in the family, a cerebral hemorrhage and recently found out he has cancer. As he struggled to regain a foothold on his life, Eddy had an idea. He would reach out to others every day and share a smile. So he ultimately decided to selflessly dedicate his life to spreading happiness.

10 Million Smiles from FL to NY recounts Edward’s many adventures on the Walk for Happiness Awareness. Despite a lack of resources, he was able to secure lodging, eat in restaurants, and stay with friendly strangers from South Florida to the Big Apple. His journey inspired him to open a new chapter in his life story. It is his hope that his book will do the same for readers.

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