Family Diversity is worth Celebrating with The Beautiful Cast of Just Family

July 03, 2017 – It is interesting to state that the term – black fatherhood is akin to crisis in the US society. However, a recent study has shown that some of the myths that have long been held to be true are not so. Despite the unfounded assumption that African-American men place less value on parenting, many of them have succeeded to create moral guidance, discipline and emotional support for their families. There is one common theme; black dads believe it is their responsibility to provide for their children. In the light of some of these realities, JUST FAMILY is an iconic TV Reality show that brings a fresh perspective to the way we view Families.

The themes of Love, Friendship, Family values, etc, are entrenched with each episode of the program. Michael “Mykal” Coles Sr. is an African-American man who is married to two wives (Alicia and Jasmine). The family has 24 kids, and they are currently expecting another child in September, 2017. When you put the Grand children into the mix, it becomes a totally grand experience. Among the many high points of this epic show, it showcases how the diversity in this family bonds them together. It opens the eyes of the viewers to the things that can be as long as people commit to make their families work. Anyone who is open to see things from a fresh perspective will be fully inspired with this TV reality show.

It is pertinent to reiterate that parents should be part of their children’s lives. They should help to give them direction, goals, a sense of morality and guide them. However, to get these things in place, it does not necessarily need to be a One-man, One-Wife, few children type of family. There are a few successful black dads such as Muhammad Ali who have made it obvious that to have a good home does not have to follow the conventional path. The myth of the nuclear family has been torn to shreds over the years. Many of people have learned to live in extended and blended households where they thrive, function and adapt to various life situations.

The love the two wives have for their husband, and the other characters that play out in this reality show is sublime. One may watch this program from two angles. Does it truly generate the right mix of laughter while sharing rich values? Does it tell a story about love in a way that most people can connect with? There may not be direct answers to these questions as people’s perceptions differ. However, the common theme is that JUST FAMILY will keep you on the edge of your seat with top line entertainment.

This program is produced by Mykal’s Swagger Family Label and Co-produced by Former Clear Channel personality, Lisa “Golden Girl” Natson.

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