From Brain Surgeon to Painter to Music Star – the Remarkable Jasper’s Riddle!

Artist: Jasper’s Riddle

Lead Tracks: Oro; The River; Grown

Release: Single Out Now (album released February 21st)

F.F.O: Jeff Buckley 

Jasper’s Riddle’s journey to music is something even Hollywood would baulk at. After beginning his medical studies to become a brain surgeon, he switched to his current vocation, that of an aspiring heart surgeon… all the while continuing to record as both a Jeff Buckley-influenced acoustic singer songwriter… and a classical composer… and an artist… and a novelist. Jasper’s Riddle’s debut release reflects his chameleon-like ability to soak up what is happening around him and to interpret it in his own unique way, with elements of rock, neo-soul and even flamenco heralding the arrival of a true 21st Century polymath.

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Jasper’s Riddle is L. S. Zeickner, a Manchester-based painter and pianist from a Nigerian British background, comfortable singing in English, Edo and Spanish. The concept of Jasper’s Riddle is an “acoustic storybook” – each track a self-contained story with a series of paintings and poems taking you on a journey through different styles and narratives, each combining to become a single story. The breadth of Lukas’s endeavours are such that he has taken to YouTube and Facebook to show the connecting paths between his acoustic and classical work in a series of videos titled “The Four Wise Monkeys”: 

Influenced by beacons of talent from across the world, from Aretha Franklin and Fela Kuti to Linkin Park, each offering subtle imprints into his own sound. With an overarching love of Schubert, his fascination for science as well as the Arts has led to Lukas performing and producing all his own music, not to mention creating the accompanying paintings and a side-line in publishing novellas. The next time you say to yourself that you haven’t got time to do something, remember to give Jasper’s Riddle a listen and remind yourself that anything is possible!

The Book of Van Dael by L.S. Zeickner is available to order here:






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