Frank V. Savona: A Staten Island Attorney with a Broad Range of Legal Experience

Clients Achieve a Satisfaction Resolution with Complex Transactions in Real Estate, Financing, and More

During his time as a Staten Island attorney, Frank V. Savona has been dedicated to pursuing the interests of his clients.  He has a broad range of legal expertise with a focus on real estate transactions.  His nearly twenty years of experience includes working with large law firms and title companies on real estate transactions throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  The experience Attorney Savona has gained as a State Island attorney makes him the ideal choice as representation of clients in dealing with a wide range of legal issues. 

There are many complex issues that arise with the purchase and selling of real estate.  Documents that express the terms and conditions of the transaction are written in the language of law and are often impossible for the average individual to interpret correctly.  Even those documents that seem simple and forthright should not be signed without the guidance of a Staten Island attorney who has the knowledge of Staten Island real estate laws.

Frank Savona is also the Staten Island attorney of choice for clients who need financing for their real estate purchase.  He is an expert who will provide the attention to detail needed for the 100+ documents that are typical to a typical closing.  Only an experienced attorney who has dealt with these same types of documents repeatedly over the years can get the kind of results that the client expects. 

Other areas of law that Frank Savona handles include wills, contract preparation and negotiation, risk analysis and assessment, deeds, power of attorney, and other types of financial documents.  Documents are at the heart of any legal issue, transaction, or dispute.  Frank Savona has the experience as a Staten Island attorney to prepare these documents correctly and prevent issues from arising later on.  Many of the legal efforts make are designed to provide for their loved ones once they are no longer around to care for them.  If the documents are not prepared and handled correctly, it may be too late when their loved ones learn that they are not going to have the resources their loved one had provided for them.

Experience is the most important factor to look for in a Staten Island attorney to handle any type of document or transaction.  Frank Savona has the experience in a diversity of legal areas to get more clients the results they want and need. 

About Frank V.  Savona

Frank Savona is a Staten Island attorney who is admitted to practice law in New York State.  Mr. Savona has a broad range of legal expertise and specializes in the areas of real estate transactions, financing, wills, and contracts.  During his legal career, he has worked for law firms and title companies where he gained experience representing purchasers, sellers and top lenders.  Today, he offers clients his skills to navigate through complex transactions and treats each client as a top priority.  

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