Founder & CEO Gianpaolo Sgaramella Announces GETINVESTORS Platform: The Startups/Investors Marketplace vertical and specific about the Best Startups with Huge Potentials from all over the World

Get investors makes it easy for Startup Founders to find the right Investors based on Country and Geo Position and the real Stage of Startups

Professional Investors can easily find the most profitable Startups using powerful tools and resources available on the Platform, to analyze and monitor the Best Startups in different Sectors, increasing the returns on investments and reducing the risks.


From Italy-Milan, across Europe & USA: Investing in startups can bring huge profits in a really short time, but finding the right business to support can be really challenging.

So a Professional Team & Developers, principally based in Italy, Europe and USA, the Platform directly connects Startups Founders to Professional Investors for mutual benefit, to scale quickly their Businesses as soon as possible.

Get Investors is proud to announce the Main Platform:

Startup/Investors Marketplace: Quick & Easy Match, that makes it easy for Founders to find the right Professional Investors or Strategic Industrial Partners for their specific Business / Sector.

The Platform show only the best and most promising Startups to consider, removing the headache and wasting time of searching for them,  incredibly reducing the Searching Time and Due Diligence from both parts.

Investors also get the advantage of supporting businesses that have huge potential, to become really successful Startups, reducing the risks and getting from them really big returns.

Save Money, save Energy, Save Time: Founder and Professional Investors can be focused only on Real Traction and Real Market Validation thanks to tangible KPI Metrics and Business goals that really matter.

The company’s website has powerful Search & Advanced Analytics Tools for Founders and Investors, that make it really easy to find the perfect company in just seconds with 1-2 clicks.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re building a Product or a Software, a Prototype or already on the Market, GETINVESTORS is the perfect solution for the Best Startups, operating in the largest and most important Vertical / Sector.

Founders and Industrial Partners can search for the best startups around you, in their community, state, or country and in several specific industries, including Healthcare, Fintech, Travels, Energy, Greentech, Logistics, Mobility, Fashion, Retails, Education, Kids, Pets, Automotive, and so on.

For Founders to succeed in their engagement, they need Professionals Mentors & Advisor, Technical Co-Funders & Developers with years of experience in several industries, so they can really help Founders to quickly improve their Businesses.

So Get Investors directly connects Startup Founders, with Professional Investors, Industrial Partners, Professional Accelerators, specialized in every Country / Sector around the world.

They also provide informations and recommendations about the Best Coworking Spaces and Best Crowdfunding Platforms, where Startups can save a lot of money and time.

Getting inspiration and access to helpful information is also one of the advantages of joining startup networks and communities out of there.

Get Investors provide Startup Founders with valuable informations, and KPI Metrics that really matters, to help them make the right decisions.

Startups Founders learn how to quickly raise money for their startups using Best FREE Tools for Companies & Startups, to increase their Traction Metrics and Revenues, to quickly find the right Partners and build a real successful business as soon as possible.

Get Investors directly connect Startups Founders, Professional Investors, Accelerators and Professional Mentors, etc., with just one Meritocratic Platform.

Each claimed business can include a short description, Images, Demo, Prototypes, Video, Sectors & Categories, Nationality, location and all useful information that Professional Investors normally use to select and evaluate the Best Startups out of there.



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Startup Founders can make real Money Online and Real Revenues, thanks to GETINVESTORS Platform.

If you are generating first Revenues, no one Investors will ask you “abstract further info” about Product or Platform, simply because it means that the Product already works fine.

If People are already paying for your Software, Product, or Service, it means that the Business is ready to be funded from Professional Investors (Direct Payments & Zero Commissions).

Naturally Products, Softwares and Platforms could be continually improved, but you will already be able to demonstrate first Revenues, First Clients and some realistic results in seconds, with advanced exports and Professional Reports in just 1 click.

As Y Combinator suggests (the Best Accelerator in the World), build something that People want!   

About Company & GETINVESTORS Platform

The Platform is founded and run by Gianpaolo Sgaramella, with more than 15 years direct experience of starting New Businesses for different Clients & Industries, for some of the most important Companies in the National Media Centers in Italy, from zero to Success.

Thanks to his direct experiences in different Countries / Industries, GETINVESTORS provides the best solution to start a new Business, or increasing the Numbers and Strategic Partners about an existing one.

Advanced Search & Analytic Tools are completely available for Startups Founders and Professional Investors, that make it really fast and easy for Business Operators, to quickly increase their Business Network, and build mutually profitable Business relations.

Get Investors is a marketplace vertical and specific for Startups and Professional Investors Ecosystem, to facilitate Partnership, Business Network, Collaborations, and realistic growth for the Best Startups out there.

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