Food Ambassador Unlocks New Culinary Experience in Huai’an

Sampling two famous dishes of Huaiyan cuisine, La Ding unlocked a new culinary experience for his taste buds.

Nourished by the Grand Canal and evolving over a millennium, Huaiyang cuisine has become a cultural symbol that graces tables from state banquets to everyday family meals. Recently, La Ding from Syria embarked on a culinary journey as a local food ambassador to Huai’an, a UNESCO-listed City of Gastronomy. In Hexia Ancient Town of Huai’an District, he immersed himself in the authentic tastes of Huaiyang cuisine, experiencing a delightful fusion of northern and southern Chinese culinary traditions.

Established in the late Spring and Autumn Period, Hexia Ancient Town is located in Huai’an District. In July 2002, the town was recognized as one of the first 30 key historical blocks under national-level protection.

An Arieal View of Hexia Ancient Town [Photo by Chen Chaoran]

With a history of about 2500 years, Hexia Ancient Town is not only famous for its distinguished figures, famous residences, notable historical sites, and exquisite gardens. It is also one of the best places to taste Huaiyang cuisine, offering a vivid glimpse of the area’s deep historical roots and folk traditions. Here, La Ding savored two representative dishes of Huaiyang cuisine, Soft Cloth Long Fish and Boli Lamb.

La Ding is tasting Huaiyang cuisine. [Photo by Chen Chaoran]

Listed among top ten famous dishes in Jiangsu, Soft Cloth Long Fish requires complicated and meticulous preparation process. Once cooked, the long fish presents a glossy, dark appearance, with its tender fillets oozing delicious juices. A gentle bite reveals an exceptionally soft and tender texture, offering a fresh and refreshing taste sensation.

Soft Cloth Long Fish [Photo by Chen Chaoran]

The Boli Lamb, also known as “Concubine Lamb”, is distinguished by its clearly defined meat texture and firm quality. Upon cooking, it takes on a bright appearance, and the milky-white broth is fresh without being gamey, rich without being greasy. With its aromatic flavor and hearty soup, it’s a delightful dish enjoyed by all ages and suitable for every season.

Boli Lamb [Photo by Chen Chaoran]

Sampling two famous dishes of Huaiyan cuisine, La Ding unlocked a new culinary experience for his taste buds. He also visited Cheqiao and Boli towns, delving deep into the secrets behind the widespread popularity of Huaiyang cuisine. His exploration covered various aspects, including the geographical setting, cooking methods, and the industry model.

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