Fismma, a Product of Young, Raw Talent, Offers Global Brands Larger Audience, Scale and Viral Opportunities

July 29, 2020 – Fismma is a full service digital agency handling multiple marketing initiatives for global companies. A team of over hundred professionals, it is also backed by a large social media network that gives it even more power to promote clients. Behind all of this glitz and glamor is the dream of a very young man who is yet to step into the twenties!

The top rated digital agency based in Atlanta, GA, Fismma’s motto says its clients are just a click away from getting more customers, scaling up or going viral. The team is focused on delivering on this promise, and has a wide ranging set of skills, from design, branding and creatives to development, strategy and production. 

Fismma isn’t merely a digital agency, but is backed by a tremendous personal network comprising social media pages and public relations, and its total impact and strength includes 100 million followers and 3.5 billion monthly views (without including their Times Square billboards).

I want to create and build upon what I was given in the world, and create things that truly enhance and revolutionize individual lives. I have chosen media and marketing as my vehicle to creating my digital empire and platform because it allows me to reach almost unlimited amounts of people in a positive way. It also helps me understand why people do what they do,” says Faiz Imran, Founder, Fismma.

Faiz Imran is just an 18-year-old serial entrepreneur, and until recently a high school student attending Peachtree Ridge High school. What differentiates him from the rest is eye opening – Faiz made his first million dollars at the age of seventeen, even before he was eligible to cast a vote! 

This happened with the success of his idea, ‘Everscent’, a fragrance releasing equipment that followed users and released the fragrance. Launched on Kickstarter, ‘Everscent’ was sold to a private acquisitions company even before the campaign finished! This however wasn’t the first time Faiz had sold anything, for he has been an entrepreneur right from the age of nine.

Faiz studied the success of ‘Everscent’ and attributed its success to marketing. Thus was born the idea of Fismma. Beginning with building websites for a close circle, the digital agency took off in a big way in a short span of time. 

Busy and dedicated to expanding Fismma to greater heights, Faiz has also founded and supported other startups. He serves as a fractional CMO for some of his clients, and has co-founded Business Blurb with Tiktok star Devin Caherly and entrepreneur Brendan Cox. Business Blurb has received a combined 45 million views on social media and counting. Another of his social media ventures is CLIQ.

Apart from work, Faiz has other varied interests such as cars and real estate. Faiz is also promoting the next generation of entrepreneurs at a very young age, such as by building a center to mentor young individuals one on one, and giving them free access to the Fismma team and its resources.

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