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What does an American multinational corporation like Coca-Cola and a kiddie lemonade stand have in common? A lot more than you think. Both are in the business of selling beverages. And both use marketing to sell.

It’s easy to imagine the soft drink giant’s marketing effort. In fact, Coca-Cola is known for it. It is easily one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world and its global multi-media and multi-platform advertising campaigns have been a regular fixture of modern society and pop culture for over 10 decades now.

And how does a kiddie lemonade stand advertise itself? Probably with a hand-written sign that reads something like “Maddie’s Lemonade” and maybe some word-of-mouth around the neighborhood. Even Coke started this small right after its invention as a cure-all back in the 1880s.

The scope of marketing may be vastly different between the Coca-Cola corporation and a child’s first entrepreneurship lesson but the fundamentals and the desired results are the same: create a brand identity, advertise and maintain awareness, attract customers, and positively influence sales.

Small businesses, particularly those who operate online, may not have the multi-million dollar marketing budget of the soft drink giant but, obviously, they’ll need to do better than cardboard signs to market their business.

Marketing is an investment and making good investments is not about the size or amount committed for the growth of the business but the likelihood and rate of return. It is about the return on investment (ROI) or, for marketing investments, the return on marketing investment (ROMI).

According to experts, a strong ROMI ratio is 5:1. For every dollar spent on marketing, one should expect at least a five-dollar return to call the exercise a success. Although 5:1 is considered a strong ratio, it is more accurately an absolute minimum because the production and operational costs of a business still have to be covered. A 10:1 ratio is more ideal and considered exceptional. Even higher return ratios are possible but those depend largely on the marketing cost structure and the type of industry.

When it comes to outstanding returns, one marketing service provider is known to deliver results that are arguably award-winning in both quality and quantity. That provider is FinancialSuccess.Team.

The secret to FinancialSuccess.Team’s effective marketing service is simple: offer high-quality services with lower content production cost and marketing fees, thereby ensuring exceptional return rates.  FinancialSuccess.Team also offers a wide variety of services to meet the varying marketing needs of its clients and provide clients with options to find the best value for their money.

First and foremost, FinancialSuccess.Team offers content marketing services. For FinancialSuccess.Team, content is king because it is the building blocks of any marketing campaign. It emphasizes creativity but also puts great importance on purpose and function. Along with a very smart and innovative content management service, FinancialSuccess.Team ensures that it is always providing content services that work very well in fulfilling the objectives of a marketing campaign.

FinancialSuccess.Team offers very capable web development services. From web design and web building to search engine optimization services, FinancialSuccess.Team can make websites that attract high inbound traffic and have high conversion rates. This is done by using a combination of impressive design aesthetics, advance technical skills, and in-depth know-how in funnel designs, web development, and SEO techniques.

FinancialSuccess.Team also offers social media marketing services, from account management to strategy formulation and administration. FinancialSuccess.Team understands the power and influence that social media has today and has several social media marketing programs at its disposal to fully take advantage of this to further brand reach, increase following, and improving customer engagement.

As a huge added-value, FinancialSuccess.Team can include business coaching with its premium marketing packages. Business coaching is essential in ensuring the correct administration of any premium marketing strategy when it is eventually handed off to clients post contract. Clients can get hourly coaching sessions on running their ongoing campaign. These sessions are conducted by the company’s in-house industry experts with years of experience in business coaching, marketing, project management, and leadership training.

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