Famous Australian Model Maker Seacraft Gallery Begins Making Custom Ordered Ship and Boat Models

Famous Australian Model Maker Seacraft Gallery Begins Making Custom Ordered Ship and Boat Models

January 19, 2021 – Seacraft Gallery is the preferred source of handcrafted models of ships, model yachts, and boats around the world. The model making expert is pleased to announce that it has started making custom-ordered ship and boat models to offer clients exactly what they have always wanted – a wood/metal model made by professional carvers for the ship or boat of their choosing!

Model ships placed in the drawing-room or office add a great allure and pique the curiosity of the visitors, apart from creating an ambiance of intellectualism. Seacraft Gallery, the Australian service that makes ships and other models, can be contacted for making customized models of the ship of one’s own choice.

Among the recent custom ship models built are the model of Brig Amity, a 148-ton brig, built in New Brunswick; South Seas Trading Schooner “Equator” of 1888; Lady J Model Boat, a 35-foot steel fishing boat; and Alexander 50 Mark, Catalina – the Amourette, Susanna ship of 1892. Other ships and models done for customers include the HMAT Boonah model ship, the HMS Sirius 1.2m – the first fleet of Australia, and the Trumpy Star Motor Model Yacht.

Our models are built for timeless value. Built from scratch over hundreds of hours by master artisans. No mass production with limited quantity only!” says a representative from Seacraft Gallery.

The ‘Titanic’ arrived today, and we are thrilled with everything about this. Delighted to have this iconic vessel berthed forever in our home,” said a recent customer.

The model ships, model boats and custom models made at Seacraft Gallery are historically accurate with fine attention to detail. The wood used is of high quality and long-lasting. All models are ready for display, so no assembly is required except for mast-down yacht models. Each model is accompanied by its historical backstory. Apart from ships, boats, and yachts, the platform also sells models of aircraft, bikes, trucks, automobiles, and musical instruments. Free express shipping across Australia is available for orders from $150 and above.

Watch promo teaser on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDOvxvFoqcc 


Formed in 2010 in Sydney NSW, Seacraft Gallery has become the go-to online store for those in need of handmade wooden ships. Through our workshops, we have a team of skilled craftsmen to design and build fully assembled wooden model ships.

For more information, please visit: www.seacraftgallery.com.au

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