Executive Spotlight: Alternet System’s CEO Says Its ReVolt EV Motorcycle Is A Potential Game-Changer In The Surging African Ride-Share Market, Here’s What Else He Said…

Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) had an active 2020, and recent strategic moves position the company to have a potentially transformative year in 2021. Shares in the company’s stock have risen by roughly 106% during the past four trading sessions, with attention toward its ReVolt EV motorbike, and how it can fit into a surging African boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) market, earning credit for the gains. According to the company’s CEO, that credit may be well placed.

Beyond the ReVolt being a modern EV take on the classically styled 1930’s BMW R71 motorcycle, the primary attraction to ALYI appears to be based on the company’s guidance that they will start producing this potentially game-changing bike this year. Its design, rugged build, and affordability may position it as the best EV option to exploit a massive opportunity in the African ride-share market.

Moreover, Alternet Systems said it has received pre-orders for this classically styled bike that exceeds 2000 units. And with plans to leverage its energy storage technology expertise beyond just its ReVolt cycles, 2021 may indeed be the breakout year the company expects. In short, they believe that 2021 is the year that takes ALYI from a research based company to a revenue-generating business.

To find out why the company is feeling so optimistic, Greenlight Stocks (GS) reached out to management at Alternet Systems to let them explain why they think its ReVolt EV is earning so much attention, and ask why they think the bike can be transformative to the company in 2021. We met with Randell “Randy” Torno (RT), CEO of Alternet Systems. His responses may help to justify the enthusiastic mood of its investors. You be the judge.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/LJEW7v3bFa0

GS: Greetings, Randy, and thanks for joining us. 

RT: Hello, and it’s great to visit with you as well. 

GS: Let’s first address the elephant in the room- valuation. Although Alternet Systems currently trades at nano-cap levels, it’s reported that your company is on the verge of commencing production of its classically designed ReVolt EV motorbike. The enthusiasm surrounding its launch is growing, with investors believing the bike can be a revenue-generating game-changer for ALYI in 2021. Some analysts have said that asset alone may be worth more than current valuations suggest. Are investors and analysts right to be optimistic for a potential breakout year in 2021?

RT: From where I sit, they have every reason to be optimistic. And let me say this right off the top. Despite the recent jump in share price last week, in my opinion, I believe the company remains tremendously undervalued. Look, we have particularly great products to sell, well beyond just the ReVolt. Plus, we are targeting a market opportunity in the African ride-share market that is a mega-million dollar market segment opportunity. Further, we are already well into the process of capitalizing on near term opportunities in the African ride-share market and believe we can exploit tremendous revenue-generating opportunities by positioning the ReVolt as the EV of choice in select markets. We told the markets about some of our early good fortune.

We announced that Kenya, in particular, is already lining up to get the ReVolt motorbike. And that’s just for starters. Beyond the recently confirmed 2000 ReVolt orders in that market, we are in talks with other interested parties that have buying power. We’re excited about the interest and how the bike is being received. On that, I say stay tuned.

GS: OK, then two things as a follow-up. First, you are obviously excited about the ReVolt motorbike, which is getting strong reviews in sector publications. And, second, you mentioned a plan to position the company to take advantage of opportunities in the African based ride-share market. How do the two initiatives interconnect?

RT: You address two important points. First, we are absolutely excited about what the ReVolt can do for the company because it addresses the enormous motorcycle taxi or “boda-boda” market, which is a substantial but often overlooked market by investors and analysts. Second, it’s important to understand that although less common within the United States, motorcycle taxis are the preferred method of ride-share transportation in China, India, and many countries within Africa. When you combine the two, we believe that Alternet Systems is perfectly positioned with both strategy and product to capitalize on a massive and relatively unmet market need by bringing suitably powered electric vehicles to the market.

Yes, I am biased toward the ReVolt, but I am also confident that it can become the perfect choice of EV for taxi drivers and passengers. And as you mentioned, independent articles tend to agree with my sentiment. They note what we already know…ReVolt provides speed and comfort for passengers but also maximizes profits and increases passenger trips for drivers. It’s a win/win in a vast market.

GS: As I noted earlier, the ReVolt is getting a lot of attention in the press for a multitude of reasons. Other than its sleek design, though, can it handle the rugged terrains and manage the other intricacies present in certain African markets by being fully electric?

RT: Absolutely. First of all, the ReVolt is beyond being beautiful. And it is earning industry praise for both its design and its abilities. Alongside its classically designed features, the bike is rugged, durable, powerful, and very affordable. That’s extremely important in particular markets. As you may know, it’s designed after the BMW R71, a classic bike from the 1930s. But even now, the R71 model is still frequently used in ride-sharing and remains an especially popular choice for ride-share drivers in China and India due to its reliability and the availability of replacement pas.

We took the best of that design, electrified it, and provided it with enough power and battery capacity to efficiently manage the demands associated with rigorous ride-share services. Importantly to a rapidly changing industry, the electric-powered engine also allows for nimble movement and quick acceleration through crowded areas. At the same time, the design still retains the sturdy frame and rugged tires of the classic R71. By the way, we get calls regularly from individuals wanting to purchase a ReVolt for personal use. We think it is a home-run product. Individuals can place a pre-order commitment on the company website.

For the ride-share market, though, we believe it is a superior choice beyond its straight up advantages. We also added a classic sidecar attachment as an option, and it already sports two saddle seats to boost its utility as a taxi-style bike. Those features boost fares and can create additional demand. While that seems trivial to some, increasing capacity is an extremely important feature in an ultra competitive environment, specifically in emerging African markets. Those additions can be a defining factor in driving sales.

GS: Beyond being targeted to drivers, are there additional opportunities you can target in these emerging markets?

RT: Great question, and the short answer is yes. Most of the attention is based on how our ReVolt can be an important addition to the boda-boda markets. But, it’s important to note that Alternet Systems will offer a conversion kit that can convert the normally combustion-engine BMW R71 (or one of its Chinese or Russian counterparts) into a fully electric-powered vehicle. This gives existing owners of the original bike a chance to enjoy the battery-powered benefits of the ReVolt motorcycle. We think the demand for that service can be substantial as fossil fuels become less popular globally. If you didn’t know, there are thousands of these bikes (clones) in specific markets and as combustion engines become less environmentally popular, we can provide these owners a quick conversion to electric power that not only keeps them in business, but can lead to higher profits and easier maintenance.

GS: In one of your company releases, you noted that Uber is establishing its footprint in the market. Are they paving the way for the next cycle of business in the sector?

RT: Great question…and alongside many of the more local startups, yes, they are. Uber Africa launched Uber Cash last summer, which worked in tandem with preferred financial services within the region and allowed riders to quickly pay for the service. Additionally, the ride-share giant expressed interest in implementing a service entirely focused on electric motorbikes within areas where their popularity was growing. However, Uber is a service provider – not a vehicle supplier. 

Thus, as they continue to expand the services side of the market, we expect to benefit by simultaneously filling the market’s equipment needs by providing an electric solution that offers great benefits over other vehicles in service. Beyond sales, though, these markets need service providers, conversion kit dealers, mechanics, and of course, drivers and riders. By being early and offering a best-in-class vehicle option, we think that ALYI can penetrate multiple segments in the sector. Uber certainly helped get that ball rolling. And we are ready to fill numerous niches.

GS: Following on, success in your first market can be a blueprint to follow in others. Is an expansion part of the strategy?

RT: In two words… obviously yes. We see massive opportunities in specific markets. But, we will do things right, and expansion comes after we execute 100% of goals 100% of the time. We are currently working with an engineering firm in designing a manufacturing facility that can produce the ReVolt motorcycle full-time. It’s not a race to the top, but rather a chance for us to methodically earn market share, build brand reputation, and then target new opportunities.

Remember, with Uber already having more than 29,000 registered service providers expecting to serve 2 million customers, the market is proving itself. Other markets with similar characteristics should allow for and deliver equal opportunities. And as we mentioned before, there are already several other established ride-share services operating within Africa. SafeMoto and YegoMoto are examples of motorcycle-focused ride-share companies with a strong presence in Rwanda, both focused on providing a safe travel experience and modernizing the payment system. 

Let me add that we embrace competition because it helps build a stronger, more competitive market. Make no mistake, though, while Uber and others have helped create a sustainable market, it’s our mission at ALYI to become its leader.

GS: Jumping back for a minute, Alternet Systems is trading at a very low share price, but that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t positioned to take advantage of significant market opportunities. What’s the message to your shareholders about plans to increase shareholder value in the near term?

RT: As I noted earlier, the price, in my opinion, does not fairly reflect our current market position. I also know that my focus is intense on making the right decisions that will build value for our company and its shareholders. Our team can build value and will reach value-enhancing milestones as we execute effectively on our strategic initiatives. The first part is to start production on the ReVolt motorbike and get those bikes into the market. Those plans are already well underway, and engineers are getting near finalizing production and facility requirements to produce the ReVolt motorbike on a mass scale.

Second, we think the markets will respond quite favorably once production starts, which is expected to happen soon. Specifically, early to mid-2021 is our timeline for the first delivery of the ReVolt. Following this milestone, we will target additional revenue streams through retro-fitting gas-powered bikes to electric, selling batteries, and servicing the market we sell. As I noted, there are thousands of bikes we would like to convert to electric, and if regulatory demands push the cause to move away from fossil fuels, we would be very well positioned to transform the Chinese and Russian BMW clone motorcycles. 

Don’t forget, we have an inherent market advantage to service and convert motorcycles because our products will already fit these clone bikes. That head start could be worth millions in potential revenues. We remain very focused on that market opportunity.

GS: Moving away from the motorbikes, the company is targeting other opportunities. Management has some connections to military markets. What can Alternet Systems offer them?

RT: True on the connections part, and if you read our bio’s, you’ll know why. And yes, ALYI can offer a lot. The US military alone spends more than $100 million a year on batteries, many of which are for highly specialized devices that are currently being developed by niche, military-focused companies that are relatively unknown to the average investor. We think we can leverage our experience to earn business.

Notably, key management at Alternet Systems served years in respected positions within the United States military and have remained familiar with many of these specialized vendors and the technology they provide. With that said, I believe we are well-positioned to capitalize on our years of research and development of alternative energy storage solutions, including graphene, fuel cells, solar, and even photosynthesis, and transform our progress from the development stage to revenue-generating assets. Our rugged, high-capacity, and lightweight solutions to power is cutting-edge technology. I think they will gain traction in 2021 as well. These are state-of-the-a solutions that can provide best-in-class service.

GS: Final question. If you had a crystal ball, what do you think it would show for ALYI in 2021?

RT: Well, I think it would show some nice projections. Look, we are super excited to take Alternet Systems to the next level in 2021. The excitement surrounding the ReVolt and the African ride-share markets’ revenue potential alone is generating a level of enthusiasm at Alternet Systems, unlike I’ve seen before. 

But it’s beyond having a great product. We know the markets. Our management team has spent many years working in government positions within many African countries, and we believe that this experience will translate into our company winning favor compared to potential competitors that may have less knowledge of how to conduct business in Africa.

Also, not only is the ReVolt a sleek and powerful vehicle, but it also plays directly into what the market is needing and demanding. And from a business perspective, combining the ReVolt, our future electric vehicles, and potential military applications together, we have several shots on goal that can each deliver substantial revenues. Thus, our team is excited to get started. 

Here is the most exciting part. Our longtime development stage programs are on the verge of reaching commercialization in 2021. From my perspective, this new year can indeed be the much-deserved breakout year for Alternet Systems. We worked hard to reach this point and it’s our intent to capitalize on our moment.


End interview

Many thanks to Alternet Systems, Inc.’s management for taking the time to answer investor questions and offer an outlook for 2021. Please note that since the company may have provided guidance, we include the Safe Harbor and Forward-Looking Statements disclaimer.

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