Exclusive Interview with Awakening Starseeds Best Selling Author, Brenda Lainof

Tell your readers a little story about yourself.

Universe continually nudges and then pushes many of us to step up.  This is my story, of having to step up and share very intimate personal details and by doing so, how it transformed and shaped my life, moving past the worry and fear of judgement, to a place of more acceptance and love for who I truly am.

What inspired you to be a co-author, to write, and contribute to this collaborative book series of Awakening Starseeds at Radhaa Publishing House?

My first Near-Death Experience occurred in a day surgery.  I had pain in my right side abdomen and investigation to ensure that it was not cancerous.  After this massive life changing event, I knew without a doubt  that I had to share my story, and further stories, it was a duty, a mission, to assist others who are struggling and living in fear.

How did Radhaa Publishing House help you?

So appreciate the encouragement and perfect timing to share my stories in these unusual troubling times. I felt very supported and this is an opportunity to STEP OUT, SPEAK OUR TRUTHS.  This is our time, an obligation to share and support others that live in fear and question their soul paths, their soul journey.

Tell your readers briefly about your written story.

Many years ago, in the early morning, I felt a strange sensation on my face, it just felt differently.  To my horror, as I glanced in the bathroom mirror, right side of my my face was totally paralyzed  I was in shock, disbelief and scared!   How could this happen and why!

What was your overall feeling throughout the whole process of working with Radhaa Publishing House?

Never felt judged and totally encouraged throughout the whole process.

Everyone has life lessons to learn, please share yours.

Our Inner Power has been gradually eroded, stripped away throughout time.  As to our ancestors and on a collective level,  we may have agreed and unknowingly agreed to take on  disempowering beliefs. We need to claim “I AM POWERFUL, I AM WORTHY OF BEING POWERFUL” and dissolve any fears that make us feel less, disempowered.

What would you tell anyone who might be interested in writing for Radhaa Publishing House?

Trust your inner guidance, your GPS, trust that you will be supported and guided.   

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Iy8keb9sCTg

What have you gotten out of the experience?

To my amazement, a healing experience, to revisit and recall some very difficult times and knowing that I am now stronger and more resilient due to these challenging life changing experiences.  

Website: www.brendalainof.com

Email: lainofbrenda49@gmail.com

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