Every Dog Lover and Owner Must Purchase ‘FIND THE POO’ by Joe Shyllit

Taking care of dogs can be a tedious activity yet we love them enough to keep at it. We feed them, clothe them, wash them and even pick up their poo.  Sometimes picking up a dog’s poo is not always the major issue, but finding the poo at the exact spot on time before your foot does the awful stepping on it first is.  Well, I’m excited to inform you dog lovers and owners that finding your dog’s poo just got not just easier but very entertaining too with the book Find the poo written by Joe Shyllit.

Joe Shyllit’s was inspired to write Find the poo due to his own experiences encountered in finding his dog Farfel’s poo. The book depicts in the strangest places where his dog’s poo is hidden, places like leaves or twigs, stones or it could be sunlight shadows or muck. The book was conceived from the viewpoint of trying to find the exact spot the poo which has also become harder to spot because sometimes one gets distracted by trying to open an umbrella, hold a coffee or take a call and then whoops! You find the poo beneath your shoes.

In the book Find thepoo, Joe Shyllit captured his own experiences in vibrant graphics photographs, he made a collection of photographs  where  within each photos texture and color is Farfel’s poo. The objective is for every reader to find the poo in each photo…interesting isn’t it? Having tried all the attempts to find the poo, thef reader is to evaluate his/her answers by checking if they correspond with the correct answers at the back of the book.


About the Author

Joe Shyllit is a renowned Canadian advertising creative director, who has won several international awards in the ad agency industry. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1974 with a scholarship in communication and design. He came in contact with his longtime business partner Jerry Kuleba in the late 70’s, whereby their mutual formidable creative ideas gave birth to their own creative consultancy Kuleba & Shyllit. This was a welcomed development to Canada as it helped brew the birth of several other creative boutiques. Kuleba & Shyllit went on to conceive and produce some most memorable advertising campaigns, also winning several awards from around the world. In 2015, Jerry Kuleba sadly passed away and this drove Joe to revisit his roots of illustration and design with his drawings and print series called “Knowhereman” (go to www.knowhereman.net) as well as giving rise to the idea and book Find the poo.

Find the poo can be purchased at the following Indigo stores in Toronto like Indigo Books at Bay and Bloor, Indigospirit at 1st, Canadian Place, Indigo Books at Yorkdale shopping mall in Toronto Canada. The book sells for $19.95 and is also available for purchase and shipping on www.amazon.com

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