Essential Tips For Choosing the Right CPAP Machines in Treating Sleep Apnea

Only a person that spends his nights tossing in bed knows the value of getting even a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy has shown to be an effective treatment method in patients of sleep apnea.

The sleep-related disorder is potentially serious as it causes the airways to collapse while asleep. The obstruction of the air passages rouses a person disrupting sleep. Due to the lack of oxygen, the brain is unable to relay signals required to control breathing. As such the person wakes up gasping for breath.

CPAP machines supply a continuous stream of pressurised air that keeps the airways open. It has to be worn by the person throughout the duration of sleep. The device is made up of a motor, mask and a hose. The motor powers the device, drawing in surrounding air by means of a fan. The air is then filtered and pressurised before being delivered using a face mask. Modern CPAP machines have evolved in their designs featuring masks that cover the mouth and nose or seal the nose only. The best type of mask depends on the comfort level the user seeks. There is a thin hose connecting the face mask to the motor.

In addition to its benefits, CPAP machines are a popular choice for their compact size and design. They can be comfortably accommodated on a bedside table. Lightweight constructions ensure it is not too cumbersome to carry along on travels. There is a wide variety of features offered by different brands.

Features such as LCD touchscreens enable users to adjust settings without any hassle. Addressing the complaints of dry mouth and nose brought about by CPAP machines, present-day models include an in-built dehumidifier. Many brands also manufacture automatic models. These automatic ventilators power up as soon as the user starts breathing. There is no need to switch it on. Cordless batteries on CPAP models further add convenience especially where electrical connections are not readily available. Low-noise or noiseless motors ensure users do not disturb partners. Select models are bluetooth compatible with a mobile app included to track and record one’s progress.

Purchasing a CPAP machine requires a doctor’s prescription due to the pressure level setting. The optimal pressure level is not common to all patients of sleep apnea and can only be determined after a titration test.

It is important to purchase a certified, good quality CPAP machine. CPAP Professional is a trusted dealer of sleep apnea devices. Their lineup features some of the best-rated machines from well-known brands such as Philips Respironics, ResMed, Fisher and Paykel. There is an extensive range of models from travel-friendly sizes that fit in the palm to bigger boxy designs; they have it all. The company provides authentic, high quality CPAP machines at various price points. All products are backed by seller warranty. Along with selling sleep apnea devices, CPAP Professional also offers maintenance and after-sales services on all its devices.

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