Eric Arnoux, a real estate success story

Eric Arnoux, a real estate success story

Eric Arnoux founder of Luxury real estate PureConcept

Eric Arnoux is an entrepreneur born May 19, 1966 in Grenoble. A French national, this engineer by training, is the founder of the luxury international design and production brand Pureconcept.

Eric Arnoux is the father of 2 twins, Victoria and Salomé.

Eric Arnoux is above all a passionate autodidact who started his entrepreneurial adventure by creating his first company in 1991.

Eric Arnoux has gradually built a dynamic real estate group in the south-east of France and in the Alps which will quickly meet with great success and be exported across borders.

The unique luxurious design designed by Eric Arnoux leads him to focus only on exceptional projects and achievements that will help create his worldwide notoriety.

Eric Arnoux’s real estate projects today number in the hundreds, in France, Switzerland, the United States, the Antilles, Africa and the Middle East.

Eric Arnoux was the personal economic advisor to the President of Guinea-Bissau. Diplomat at the WTO to defend the economic and development interests of Guinea Bissau on the world trade scene for several years.

His passion for design and the design of exceptional spaces, led him in addition to real estate to conceive designs of yachts and private jets for the most demanding customers.

This exceptional success leads his group to be the victim of a vast campaign of defamation and denigration on the internet, following economic difficulties encountered during the years of crisis. This created different courts in 2016 and 2017 of which today no conviction has been pronounced. Eric Arnoux continues today the development of his activity of design and conception.

Currently working on different projects and concepts including ecology and sustainable development in ultra-luxury projects and always with a design as rare as it is exceptional.

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