Entrepreneur Nadim Zidan Defines The Real Heroes Of 2020 Pandemic

They Syrian entrepreneur that is based in Dubai, and well known for being a social media guru shocked the world with his statement, saying “doctors are not the heroes of this crisis.”

It was an unexpected statement that was shared over, when the entrepreneur Nadim Zidan declared that “doctors are not the heroes of this crisis!”

A statement that was not matching his positive attitude and caring heart that’s always supporting everyone and setting example of what an inspiring successful businessman and a real leader can be.

And before his words spread totally in the wrong direction, he resumed his speech by saying:

“Yes, doctors are not the heroes of this crisis only, because to me, they are the hidden heroes of all times, the soldiers that never asked to be in the spots of fame, neither ran after media attention, or social media hypes.”

He added “We live in a world of overrated celebrities that contributes zero sum benefit to humanity, where millions around the globe looked at them as what’s so called influencers, they all disappeared with the first infected patient in this pandemic, leaving everyone wondering, what influence they had on humanity all that time.”

It was obvious that Zidan is showing gratitude to the real heroes that are putting their lives at risk, facing this virus with all the knowledge they have, but most importantly with all the courage, and angelus hearts they carry.

“It is never the doctor’s mistake that corporates and investment hospitals pushed them at previous times to work for more claims from insurance companies, and forced them to be a money machine for their employers, because when the time came for the doctors to do the job they took oath to perfectly do, they showed no hesitation, and started doing all they can to save humanity, even retired doctors and medical staff, volunteered and offered their years of expertise to participate in this holy task, that they dedicated all their lives to study and work for,” were Zidan’s words describing how thankful we all should be, to all the medical staff, that are putting their lives in risk while everybody else was simply asked to stay home.

Zidan ended his statement by saying “In an ideal world, if I am allowed to speak on behalf of humanity, I shall save no occasion, to thank all the honest sincere doctors, nurses, medical and laboratory staff, for doing everything they can, for us to stay home, stay safe, complaining about how bored we are, mumming about when bars and gyms can be open again, while someone out there may not see his or her family, because they took an oath, and they are committed to serving humanity, no matter what it takes, … on behalf of myself, and everyone reads this, shares this, agrees with this, to everyone in the medical sector, thank you from the heart.” 

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