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Enhanced Oil Recovery Industry


Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has been overshadowed by unconventional extraction techniques such as horizontal drilling and hydro fracture, but nonetheless remains a significant toolset in the portfolio of available extraction technologies. These technologies support continued growth in oil production across the world, even where hydro fracture is not applied, and where aging oil fields grow increasingly depleted.

Global EOR deployment has reduced in the wake of low oil prices in 2015 and further dropped to the lowest in 2016, resulting in a significant decrease in global oil extraction and production activities from the major Oil and Gas companies in private and public sectors. This unanticipated drop in crude oil prices had slowed EOR developments in comparison to prior development rates and projections. Nonetheless, EOR technologies in most areas globally continue to grow since 2017, and some specific technologies are flourishing and gaining popularity, especially carbon dioxide flooding with highest adoption rates. The EOR technologies vary considerably, however, from country to country, where a specific EOR technology may be highly viable and developing rapidly in one country or region, but stagnant or even declining in another due to the availability of investments, raw materials, technologies and the geographic location. Variability is driven by differences in formation characteristics as well as regulatory and economic variability, which have in some places coalesced to support strong markets. In other areas, while actions by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have helped to stabilize oil prices, lower oil prices still represent critical factors, and can substantially dampen select categories of new EOR deployment across the world.

The Oil & Gas industry growth since 2017 had highlighted several key features to the world market for EOR technologies. First, EOR is no longer being sustained by persistently high oil prices, meaning that EOR providers must increase their efficiency to stay profitable; this has caused troubled roads for more costly efforts such as steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in their effort to remain viable. Second, while the recent blossoming of unconventional oil production, especially in the United States, has caused an oil price drop, lower oil prices have in some regions led to the reinstatement of tax exemptions and other incentives, which tend to support EOR development. Third, EOR markets are beginning to gain traction even with major several major oil-producing nations that have historically relied only on primary and secondary extraction. Finally, with respect to concerns over climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, the advancement of carbon dioxide based EOR is linking GHG emissions reduction to oil production, opening the door for increased deployment of EOR in countries with concerns over their GHG emissions.

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The tables and figures below provide a summary of the global market for EOR technologies, broken down by region. North America maintains by far the largest regional market for EOR technologies. The North American market will advance from REDACTED in 2017 to REDACTED in 2023, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of REDACTED. Asia-Pacific markets are estimated to invest on chemical flood EOR in the forecast duration, rather than CO2. Asia-Pacific region markets will increase from REDACTED to REDACTED, for a CAGR of REDACTED during that period.

Report Scope

The scope of this investigation includes all of the major viable EOR technologies that are currently being implemented in the global oil industry. Besides hydrofracturing, tight sands or tight oil extraction are categorized as Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), of which EOR is a subset, EOR was originally developed as a means to extract additional oil from reservoirs after primary and secondary recovery methods ceased to be productive enough to maintain economical field operation. In some cases, the EOR technologies considered in this report may also be applied immediately after the initial well drilling. These applications are common for fields where primary and secondary recovery technologies are incapable of producing adequate oil in any phase of an oilfield operation.

The installation and operation of EOR technologies can include various products and components such as injection pumps, wellheads, specialized well tubing, chemical feeder systems, air separation units, gas compressors, blowers, steam generators, specialized storage vessels, gas recapture and separation systems, and various other equipment and facilities. Other important products of EOR technology include oil recovery media such as surfactants, polymers, alkali chemicals, liquid nitrogen and CO2. Although steam and onsite-compressed atmospheric nitrogen are also important oil recovery media, they are not considered EOR technology products within this report because they are available at minimal or no direct cost, unlike CO2 or specialized injection chemicals, which must be supplied to an EOR operation.

The market analysis provided in this report presents region-specific and country-specific market valuation data for each of the EOR technologies considered in this study. These include breakdowns for the following categories: 
– Steam Flooding. 
– In Situ Combustion. 
– Chemical Flooding. 
– Hydrocarbon Gas Flooding. 
– Nitrogen Flooding. 
– Carbon Dioxide Flooding.

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Estimated values in each of these categories are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Projected and forecasted revenue values are in constant US dollars (2017), unadjusted for inflation.

Emerging EOR technologies that may become commercially viable within the next five years are summarized, for example Solar EOR, but are not included in the market assessment of this report. BCC Research analyzes each major viable EOR technology, determines its current market status, examines its impact on future markets and presents forecasts of growth over the next five years. BCC Research analyzes the industry on a worldwide basis in terms of its manufacturing and the deployment of its technologies or products. BCC Research also examines government roles in support of EOR technologies worldwide, including regulatory support, government requirements and promotional incentives for various EOR technologies as relevant and available. BCC Research provides a review of the most relevant EOR technologies, discusses recent trends in capacity installation and unit sales, and provides industry overviews and market assessments for each EOR technology.

Report Includes

– 28 data tables and 81 additional tables 
– An overview of the global market for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies that are deployed for increasing productivity in the oil fields 
– Analyses of global market trends with data from 2017, estimates for 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023 
– Segmentation of the EOR technologies’ market by categories including steam flooding, in-situ combustion, chemical flooding, hydrocarbon gas flooding, nitrogen gas flooding and carbon dioxide flooding 
– Marketing assessment of EOR technologies as essential tools with an ability to reduce a country’s or a region’s dependence on oil imports, thereby help achieving greater energy independence and security 
– Coverage of the all viable EOR technologies along with their installation and operation including various products and components such as injection pumps, wellheads, specialized well tubing, chemical feeder systems, air separation units, gas compressors, blowers, steam generators, specialized storage vessels, gas recapture and separation systems, and various other equipment and facilities 
– Discussion of the most recent government, industry, and academic data regarding the amount of oil in place that potentially can be extracted via EOR 
– Information on governments’ roles in support of EOR technologies worldwide, including regulatory support, government requirements, and promotional incentives for various EOR technologies as relevant and available 
– Company profiles of the major players of the market, including AkzoNobel, BASF, Dow Chemical Co., Hayward Gordon, Praxair, Rolls-Royce, and TIW Corp.


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