Encouraging an Employee-Friendly, Attractive Company Culture With Chair Massage

While corporate chair massage is not new, its popularity has been steadily growing for a number of reasons, including employee attraction and retention.  Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy has been working with companies, in New Jersey and New York City, looking to bring this valuable resource into their corporate environment, for over ten years. 

There are several reasons why chair massage is growing and being embraced by companies worldwide.  Google (parent company Alphabet, Inc.) offers chair massage for its employees. Chair massage is one of  Google’s most popular employee benefits.  Google offers massage therapy five days a week, eight hours a day at their offices.   

And, Google is not alone in offering massage to employees, although they may have the most robust massage therapy program.  Many other companies, such as Boeing and Coca-Cola, and other Fortune 500s, also offer corporate wellness and chair massage programs at their offices around the country and the world. Even smaller companies, such as local small businesses and offices, as well as medical offices, hospices, and hospitals, now routinely provide chair massage to staff.

Staying Relevant As An Employer in a Competitive Job Market

In today’s world, where working for a company is about more than just the paycheck, it is important for companies to stay relevant.  Creating a corporate culture that provides extra perks is one of the main ways in which many companies do this, since salaries are often fixed and determined by budget constraints.  At the same time, chair massage and other wellness programs are comparatively inexpensive and have the added benefit of fostering employee health and wellness. 

Programs like these create an in-demand workplace, thus increasing employee attraction.  A wellness program may be either employer-paid or an employee contribution; time and space are provided for the staff members to receive a chair massage in the second instance.

Chair Massage Can Help Foster Transparency

In a recent issue of Entrepreneur magazine, published January 14, 2017, Andre Lavoie discusses the issue of human resources and transparency in pay rates.  The article, “Are Your Employees Stressed? You Need to Embrace Transparency,” mentions that, when discussing pay rates with prospective employees, a job is made more attractive by discussing additional benefits that are offered to employees.  

Many feel the extra perks balance out a less-than-stellar salary. These extras are helpful for the HR department to mention when a company has budget constraints that cannot provide their workers a higher salary.

Benefits of Chair Massage To Employees’ Health and Performance

Beyond these benefits of a chair massage and wellness program at work, there are the benefits to the employees that will affect their job performance and work habits.  For example, studies have shown that chair massage improves mental alertness and sharpens mental focus. 

A group of employees were given math computations, and were then provided chair massage.  When another different group of math computations was given to the same workers after the massage, they performed better in terms of accuracy, speed, and correct answers. 

A study among nurses in a suburban hospital setting, described in the article in Massage Magazine published January 26, 2017, titled “Apply For A Massage Research Grant & Advance your Profession,” by MK Brennan, showed that a brief chair massage session improved the nurses’ mental attitude, and +of patients and visitors, and can create a more productive environment. 

When modern employees are seeking a job, they are looking at a lot more than just the paycheck they will be taking home.  Corporate culture and additional benefits are also part of today’s job seekers’ consciousness.  This means that corporate chair massage and wellness programs are crucial for employers wishing to stay relevant with their job seeking market.

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