eMedCert Helps Medical Professionals Renew ACLS in 2020

With people across the country (and across the world) thinking about things they hope to accomplish in the new year, many medical professionals are realizing the need for ACLS renewal in 2020. Like many other medical certifications, ACLS certifications need to be renewed every two years. This means that if you did not renew your certification in 2019, you’ll need to schedule a time to do it this year.

Because ACLS certification requirements affect such a wide range of medical professionals, there are multiple different companies currently offering ACLS renewal options. Over the past few years, eMedCert has gained recognition for making it both easy and affordable to renew an ACLS certificate online.

According to the company’s website, eMedCert was “created to provide healthcare professionals with simple, high-quality certification courses.” Like others in the industry, eMedCert has noticed that the beginning of the year often sees an increase in individuals interested in renewing ACLS, PALS, BLS, and various other certifications. This is likely because the turning of a new calendar year is when many people remember that their certification will expire within the next few months.

The best ACLS renewal course will not only help medical professionals pass the required exam (which is offered by eMedCert directly) but also have the skills and knowledge needed in the event of a medical emergency. For some people, having this information can make the difference between life and death. “We combine the skills and expertise of our dedicated medical and tech teams to bring you a modern online certification experience.”

Who Needs to Renew their ACLS Certification?

Getting your ACLS certification online is surprisingly easy. ACLS, which stands for advanced cardiovascular support, certification is designed to prepare individuals to treat someone suffering from a heart attack, cardiac arrest, and other sudden cardiac emergencies. Training teaches people to not only keep the victim alive but to effectively communicate necessary information once additional help has arrived.

Not all medical professionals will be required to get ACLS certification (although it certainly never hurts), but some will. With some exceptions, essentially all individuals working in critical care or emergency care will need to earn their initial ACLS certification and renew their certification every two years. Additionally, nurses working in areas with frequent cardiac situations will also need to renew their certification. ACLS certification is often a requisite for employment, meaning that if there is any doubt about whether ACLS recertification is required for your role, you should speak with your employer directly.

How Often Do You Need to Renew Your ACLS Certifications?

ACLS certification needs to be renewed at least once every two years. The certificate will state the exact date you passed the exam (and complete all other exam requirements), meaning that you will want to be mindful of exactly when the certification will need to be renewed. In order to avoid any potential conflicts, it is generally a good idea to schedule your ACLS certification in advance.

If you are unsure when your ACLS certification expires, you may want to speak directly with your supervisor or whatever organization currently employs you. Even if someone you know with a similar job is not required to receive ACLS certification, the rules applying to you may be different.

What Other Certifications Need to Be Renewed?

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification needs to be renewed every two years. Upon receiving this specific certification, you will be qualified (and prepared) to act during a variety of different situations where an individual’s life is at risk. However, depending on your current work situation, this is just one of many situations you may be required to get.

The Basic Life Support (BLS) certification has some content that will be similar to your ACLS certification, there are still quite a few differences between these certifications. While ACLS certification is largely focused on how the human heart performs during cardiac emergencies, BLS certification is more focused on broader life support. Furthermore, while CPR is covered in ACLS courses, ACLS certification does not equate with CPR certification. Again, because the specific certification rules vary so much by hospital and employer, it will be crucial to identify which certifications apply to you. Almost all of these certifications expire every two years, meaning you may want to bundle them together.

How Do You Renew Your ACLS Certification?

The easiest way to renew your ACLS certification is to use an online ACLS certification company, such as eMedCert. These companies make it easy to work at your own pace and complete the entire process within just a few hours.

ACLS and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification costs about $119 and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification costs about $60. Typically, the courses offer an unlimited number of attempts for each exam and will have a required passing score between 75 and 80 percent. While signing up for online ACLS certification typically takes just a few minutes, people whose certificates expire in 2020 will still want to plan in advance.

Planning for 2020

Anyone working in the medical industry should check to confirm whether their ACLS certificate expires in 2020. If you are unsure about whether your certification expires this year, your card should list the expiration date. If you have lost your ACLS certification card, a copy (as well as confirmation of completion) can be issued via the American Heart Association.

Renewing your ACLS certification may not be the first thing on your list of tasks you “want” to do, but it is still very important, nevertheless. While the relevant ACLS information has remained somewhat consistent over time, the preferred strategies and approaches to life support do occasionally change.

If your certification expires this year, you should consider renewing your certificate now. Even if you do not end up completing the appropriate coursework for several months, you’ll still be glad you decided to sign up early.

Conclusion – Renew ACLS Online in 2020 with eMedCert

As we move into another new year, thousands (even millions) of people will need to renew their ACLS certification and other life-saving certificates. Fortunately, online ACLS renewal options are readily available. Find out when your ACLS certification expires and begin planning for renewal.

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