Elmahdi Senosi Appointed as IARNIS Vice President for Africa

Elmahdi Senosi, the Libyan Crown Prince and a prominent figure in the power politics of Libya, has been appointed as the Vice President for the continent of Africa in the International Arnis Federation (IAF), now known as Arnis Pederasyong Internasyonal (iARNIS). Senosi’s appointment marks a significant milestone in the promotion and development of Arnis across the African continent.

Elmahdi Mohammad Rida Senosi is the son of Crown Prince Hasan as-Senussi of Libya and Crown Princess Fawzia bint Tahir Bakeer. He claims to be the heir to the Libyan throne and the leader of the Sanussiyyah movement. With his new role in iARNIS, Senosi aims to further the growth and recognition of Arnis as a martial art and sport in Africa.

Arnis, also known as Kali or Eskrima, is an indigenous martial art that originated from the Philippines. It is characterized by the use of swinging and twirling movements, accompanied by striking, thrusting, and parrying techniques for defense and offense. The discipline hones the skill, speed, accuracy, and agility of its practitioners. Arnis has been recognized as the national sport and martial art of the Philippines by virtue of Republic Act No. 9850, approved on December 11, 2009.

The appointment of Elmahdi Senosi as the iARNIS Vice President for Africa signifies the organization’s commitment to expanding the reach and influence of Arnis beyond its roots in the Philippines. Senosi’s leadership and passion for the sport are expected to contribute significantly to the growth and development of Arnis in Africa, fostering cultural exchange and promoting the unique martial art to a wider audience.

For more information about Elmahdi Senosi’s appointment and the International Arnis Federation, please visit www.arnisphilippines.com. The official Instagram page of Elmahdi Senosi is instagram.com/mahdi411

 About iARNIS:

The International Arnis Federation (IAF), now known as Arnis Pederasyong Internasyonal (iARNIS), is a global organization dedicated to the promotion, development, and recognition of Arnis as a martial art and sport. With members and affiliates across various continents, iARNIS aims to foster cultural exchange, provide education and training, and support the growth of Arnis worldwide.

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