Elite Dating Managers Aims to Transform Online Dating by Automating the Process Through Outsourcing and Personal Assistant Level Service

Elite Dating Managers brings personal assistance services to the dating world. Their primary mission is to reinvent modern day match making. Online dating can be a tiring and frustrating experience nowadays, and this is because it’s an oversaturated market with many people who are unserious about meeting in person.

While the average smartphone user is checking their phone 150 times a day, the average online dater is on 3 sites and is spending 2-4 hours scanning and messaging daily, some with little to no luck in securing enjoyable dates.

Created by Isabel James, someone who herself went through the arduous trials of dating, this website is dedicated to making online dating more enjoyable and less time consuming for the urban dater. They do this by managing their client’s online dating accounts and providing dating coaching services.

Their excellent services can be described quite accurately by their motto, which is “Better Dates, More Often, Scheduled For You”.

EliteDatingManagers.com takes over the administrative controls of one’s online dating profile and adds all of the necessary and alluring elements that are sure to draw in a lot of attention from people who may be looking for partners. With one’s online dating profile being managed by a professional, they are able to enjoy their date and go to dates without worries of having to micro-manage every intricate detail.

This has not only managed to return the fun in dating for a lot of people, but has also ensured they are able to get set up with successful individuals. Through this, they also perform a modern day role of digitalized matchmaking. Most of their clients consistent of professionals over the age of 35 in large metropolitan cities.

While the service currently has targeted clients in NYC and London, it is expected to release in other areas of the United States in the next three months.

About Elite Dating Managers:

Elite Dating Managers is a website creating by Isabel James, who was frustrated after having no luck with online dating. It was when she outsourced her dating profile that she realized just how effective of a method this is to not only provide a more consistent, effective and streamlined dating experience, but to also ensure that one is able to remain free of the hectic message checking distractions.

She found Elite Dating Managers, an online service that provides various dating related services including profile management, image consulting and dating coaching.

For more information: https://elitedatingmanagers.com/

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