How The Buzz Stand – A SEO Agency in India is helping businesses with voice search strategy

“Having a good voice SEO strategy can help businesses take the crucial early lead”

Voice Search is probably the next big thing which is going to change the way internet is accessed on phones. We can already see that 1/3 of mobile searches carried out are through voice and this number is only going to get bigger. Voice search is not only convenient for users, but it is also another big step towards AI.

The Buzz Stand which is a SEO Agency in India, thinks that voice search is here to stay. Here are some statistics in support of the same.

  • We are now focussed on voice first devices than ever. More than 33 million voice-first devices are in circulation and this number growing every day.
  • In a survey among SEO agencies, Voice Search is placed third in the ranking of importance
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai was quoted as saying 1/5 of total searches online are through voice and 1/3 of the mobile searches are through voice.

Voice searches are completely different from the text searches which are done online. Voice searches tend to be much longer than text searches and questions. For example: you might do a text search “SEO service India”. However, with voice search the probability is search might look like “Which are the companies providing SEO service in India?” or “Can you show me the companies providing SEO services in India”. The searches are now becoming more conversation based. This also would lead to another trend, searches would now tend to become more local. So, how can businesses change their SEO strategy and make use of voice search? The Buzz Stand shares its 4 strategies which they can use to improve their organic rankings.

1.  Use Structured Data

Is your content meant for audiences and not for bots? If the answer is yes, then this would surely help. Google has always wanted that content be made for audiences and not to fool bots.

Google and other search engines look for a number of factors to determine the page’s relevance and position. As a SEO company in India, The Buzz Stand always suggests its clients to have rich results and structured data in place.

These things may not impact your ranking directly, but they help users and bot know more about what the page is about. This provides an edge over competitors and helps in relevant targeting.

As an example, Google butter chicken or for that matter any other recipe. Here are the results of what I got.

As you can see some results have ratings, calories, time to cook etc. This helps a user to better understand what the page is about and details about it. Google likes such content too.

2.  List your business on Google my Business

If you have not already done so list your business on Google my business. Add all the possible details from images, business hours, correct descriptions in there. This will help you get found on local searches and maps without much efforts.

Google my business is a great way to have your business presence there for relevant keywords in local place. If you have not spent a lot on SEO for your website, you can leverage Google my business. Its importance has increased more than ever. With the voice search most of the searches that are done are local in nature. People searches have words like “near me” or “local area” included. For example: when searching for restaurants we now do a voice search “Which are the restaurants open now near me?”. Now, your Google My Business would come in handy here. The more information you have there, the better the chances you would have of getting found.

3.  Mobile Friendly Pages

You might have heard about it quite a lot that majority of searches are now carried on mobile. And mobile is where most of the voice searches are done. Voice search is made for delivering faster results. If your website has a higher page loading time, users won’t like it. Neither search engines like it and slowly your website would start slipping on search engine rankings.

Try to have AMP pages for your website which have lower size and load in an instant. Google give preference to websites having AMP pages as they also provide a better user experience.

If you can’t have AMP Pages, the most effective way of dealing with such a situation is to analyse your pages using Google Page Speed Insights. You would be able to know the factors your website is lagging. Some of the issues can be easily done away with reducing page size, Gzip compression, minify, Java script rendering and browser caching.

For example: this is a snapshot of the SEO services in India page of The Buzz Stand’s website.

The website is almost fully optimized for mobile and this helps for a better user experience. Google Page Speed also shows the pages which have been optimized and what needs to be done.

As a SEO company in India, The Buzz Stand always recommend having optimised mobile pages on priority. Not having them can seriously impact your business online.

4. Have Blogs Posts Which Answers Customers Query

With voice searches growing, predicting and optimising for search queries can be difficult. As people would be using different search queries in voice than that in a normal search query. Voice searches tend to be longer. People using voice search ask questions as if they are communicating in real to the assistant.

You would need to have a blog post related to every question they might possibly ask. This would help you optimise for voice search. As of now, most businesses have a single page FAQ. But, with voice that would become difficult to find. You need to carefully listen to the words people use when people search for related queries. Try to figure out your buyer persona over voice search and try to have a post about each of them.

This would help you take the lead in the voice searches. The Buzz Stand has provided SEO service in India to many businesses who are unable to figure out how to cope with mobile and voice searches. Businesses always have an apprehension that with voice search taking over, it will become difficult for them to rank especially if they are smaller in size. But this is not the case. As you can see voice is only making the searches relevant. Voice searches involve more local queries than ever, and this is only going to help businesses if they embrace this technology.

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