Elephanta Coaching Launches Leadership Coaching for Women

“Anastasia Gorianina with Elephanta Coaching provides Leadership Coaching for Women”

Houston, TX – Elephanta Coaching proudly announces a leadership coaching initiative especially for women. Now is the best time and age for a female to fulfill her talents and strengths in any chosen arena, from art or science to business or family – or all of them! Many businesswomen seek support to help them be even more successful and maintain proper balance in their lives. 

This is the task of leadership coach Anastasia with Elephanta Coaching. She helps professional women develop leadership skills, become more confident in who they are and their abilities, achieve greater heights in their careers or their own businesses, and find the balance they want in their lives.

“You are a successful businesswoman. You are ambitious and have already achieved a lot in the professional arena. At the same time, you feel that there is more to learn about yourself and what you are capable of doing. Then it is time to find the right coach that will help you build on your strengths and achieve your new goals,” says Anastasia, the leadership coach in Houston.

Coaching for Busy Business Ladies has two components. Firstly, it helps women achieve professional goals, be it a better manager, transition into a new role, or a more efficient business owner. Secondly, the coaching provides support in navigating complex business environments and reducing stress. Proper coaching helps bring clarity, strategies on the next steps, and, in turn, bring ease into your life by reducing stress from pressure and the unknown.

“My life has opened to me with a new light after working with Anastasia. I was able to align myself with my goals and find the right strategies to deal with difficult people. Working with a coach is far more effective than trying to figure out everything on your own.” – Liz, Management Consulting company.

About Elephanta Coaching

Anastasia with Elephanta Coaching offers professional coaching support, as well as programs to help professional women step into their power, understand their strengths better, and identify limiting stories that holding them back from living up to their full potential. Fulfill your dreams and advance in your career with leadership coach Anastasia.


To learn more about coaching and schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery session with Anastasia, please contact:

Anastasia Gorianina

Office: 713-569-0860


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