Electric wheelchair, Airwheel H3S: Let everyone travel freely

For the elderly and disabled people with inconvenient legs , wheelchairs are a necessity in life. In recent years, in order to help people in need to achieve easier travel, electric wheelchairs have developed extremely rapidly. After conducting in-depth user surveys, Airwheel Intelligent Technology has also developed a foldable electric wheelchair – Airwheel H3s.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

Its speed can be adjusted, the speed can reach 6km / h, all operations can be completed with a control box, in addition to acceleration, deceleration, steering, etc., the control box can also control the speakers, electronic brakes, etc., to protect the user’s The simple control box is safe to move forward. At the same time, the control box is interchangeable with the left and right poles, and is especially friendly to users who are good at the left hand. High-intensity LED lights are also placed on the armrests of the Elvi H3s to clearly illuminate the road at night or in other dark environments.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

In the face of narrow road conditions, I want to turn to the very test users and wheelchairs. The front wheel of the Airwheel H3S is only 8 inches, and it adopts the design of the universal wheel. The turning radius is small, and it can flexibly pass the curve and enter and exit the elevator.

The rear wheel adopts a 12.5-inch pneumatic tire and is designed with non-slip tread. It can keep the body smooth and face the uneven road condition, and reduce the shaking feeling as much as possible to maintain a comfortable experience.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

The Airwheel H3S realizes electric folding. When folding, you only need to press the folding key to wait for the body to complete the folding or unfolding step.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/9AcfKGo5cI0

After folding, the wheelchair has a volume of 84×40×60.5cm and a body weight of 29.5kg (without battery). With the help of family members or others, the wheelchair can be placed in the trunk of the car for long-distance travel.

Airwheel electric wheelchair

The armrests on both sides of the Airwheel H3S are designed to be openable and close. Users with inconvenient legs can fold the armrests on one side and sit on the wheelchair from the side before resetting the armrests.

The pedal height has three gear positions to adjust, which can meet the needs of users with different heights to place their feet. The anti-slip design of the foot part can make the user sit more stable and avoid the feet slipping in the bumps.

Airwheel electric wheelchair

In order to facilitate operation and use, Airwheel H3S is also equipped with a specially developed intelligent control app, which is installed on the mobile phone and can remotely control the H3S. It can control its speakers, headlights, folding and unfolding, etc. The wheelchair moves and summons it to your side.

It is foreseeable that with such an electric wheelchair, those who have leg and foot inconvenience for various reasons will be able to change the life of inconvenient travel in the past, experience the pleasant feeling of being free to travel without relying on others, and be more free to go.

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