Easter Break Excesses Leave Fitness Enthusiasts in a Sweat

“Easter Weekend Festivities and Chocolate Leave Fitness Regimers Looking For Solution to Lose the Holiday Weight Gain”

Easter Sunday falls on March 27th 2016 and the Easter weekend break is traditionally a time when family and friends will gather for some well earned, rest, relaxation and celebration. Whether it is in the form of a grand Easter Sunday lunch, BBQ or a gathering of friends, a little extra food and certainly more chocolate is usually the order of the day. And when it’s all done, it will not surprise many that when they get on the scales in the following days, then will be able to relive the enjoyment in direct proportion to the few extra numbers they find on their weigh scales.

But all is not lost! As Jessica Shawe, a spokesperson for EzyFit, manufacturers of the EzyFit Waist Trimmer Belt explained, “We are the same as everyone else. We love Easter and all that goes with it. We like to think that you should be allowed to have a few days off from the calorie counting and enjoy that Easter egg and Sunday lunch. It’s what we all work so hard for during the year. And when it’s all over and you get back into the regime you started for that ideal weight for the summer, the EzyFit Waist Trimmer belt can help you put the Easter excess back into the past where it belongs.”

The EzyFit Waist Trimmer Belt is a wide neoprene belt that fits around the tummy to create a heat trap that literally helps you sweat off the Easter pounds. You can wear the belt going about your normal daily routine or even as part of a regular workout. It won’t get in your way and makes toning the abs and losing those extra pounds a quicker, less strenuous experience. Nicknamed ‘the mobile sauna’, the adjustable waist trimmer belt is attached by a snug fit Velcro strip leaving no buckles to get in the way.

Jessica Shawe continued, “You just have to wrap the belt around your tummy, pat it down to fix the Velcro seal and away you go. It doesn’t matter if you are off for a run, working out in the gym or for that matter doing the housework. This tummy trimmer will go to work whatever level of exercise you are putting in. What it does is extenuate your effort, making it easier to lose the weight and tone the area. Our customers love it.”

Here is what they are saying about the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer:

“Recently I have been working hard on loosing weight and since I have gotten this product I have lost 5lbs. I feel like this has helped shape that area while I was loosing the weight. Also the company sent tips on how to use this and I was very happy to receive them!”

“I love it when a product blows my expectations out of the water!!
Needless to say, if you are like me and need some extra support and something to make you sweat a bit more, definitely test this waist trainer out! It is sleek, and AWESOME!!”

“The bonus is that it is extra long for those of us who are a little more fluffy in the mid sections! If you are thinking about getting one, this is the one to get!”

The EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period the waist belt trimmer may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price).


EzyFit are manufacturer and distributor for the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer. The product may be found for sale exclusively on Amazon USA.

For further information please visit their website at www.ezyfit.me

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