Dr. Foot Inaugurates kids Foot and Postural Screening festival for Canadian Elementary Schools on the quarantine time

Dr. Foot Inaugurates kids Foot and Postural Screening festival for Canadian Elementary Schools on the quarantine time

Kids feet screening festival at home on Covid 19 quarantine time
In an endeavor to raise foot health awareness in young children, Dr. Foot has now launched a free foot and postural screening festival for Canadian elementary schools.

Canada – With studies showing a shocking lack of foot health awareness across the globe, Dr. Foot is being highly proactive in educating people about foot disorders, how to detect them and how to treat them. Dr. Foot is now inaugurating a free foot and body posture screening program for Canadian elementary schools. The clinic physicians provided completely free foot and posture screenings training course to the pupils, while giving them educational resources about foot health and posture problems.

Dr.Foot will also engage teachers and parents in the programs, informing them about the dire circumstances of neglected foot health in children and how screening can help detect disorders at an early age. President of the Dr. Foot, Dr. Reza Ghalamghash made an official statement for the press to discuss the festival and to announce the new initiative.

“Here at Dr. Foot, we are a line of international foot franchise with locations spread across Canada, North America and Middle East. We strive to provide high-quality services with extremely advanced and high-tech equipment at all of our locations for the festival attendant. Not only are all of our physicians highly qualified, they are also trained rigorously to provide an amicable and collaborative experience to all patients,” stated Dr. Ghalamghash while introducing Dr. Foot.

He further spoke about the elementary school program “Throughout the years, we have been highly proactive about children’s foot health. Growing children are much more prone to foot disorders and biomechanical disorders as compared to adults, which is why we want to collaborate with elementary schools and provide free foot and posture screenings for children.”

For more details, the official website for Dr. Foot can be seen at http://drfoot.org/kidsfestival

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