Dr. Foot Clinic Now Offering Any Array of Children’s Foot Health Services

Dr. Foot Clinic Now Offering Any Array of Children’s Foot Health Services

Kids feet and posture
Dr. Foot is a specialist line of private orthopedic, orthotic and podiatric clinics across the world. The clinic is now branching out and providing specialized services for children.

With a serious lack of awareness regarding children’s foot health, studies have now reported that every 3 out of 4 children in the world go through some sort of undiagnosed foot disorder. If let ignored, untreated or undiagnosed, many foot disorders have the potential of turning into a serious disability in the future. Dr. Foot is a premier provider of podiatric and orthopedic healthcare in Canada, North America and Middle East. The clinic is now offering specialized services for children along with completely free foot and body posture screenings.

The clinic provides many services and efficiently diagnoses and treats an array of foot issues including children’s flatfoot disorders, heel pain, toe walking, bunions in children, in-toeing and out-toeing, ingrown toenails, postural problems, plantor warts and more. The physicians and technicians at the clinic are trained rigorously to handle children’s cases and provide educational resources to the parents.

President of the Dr. Foot clinics, Dr. Reza Ghalamghash made an official press statement “Here at Dr. Foot, we constantly strive to expand and add more services to our repertoire. Having been established as a holding company, we have now not only expanded our location but we have also established many partner companies such as Health Shoes and more.”

Dr. Ghalamghash further added “We often don’t realize it but children are twice more prone to biomechanical disorders as compared to adults. This puts them at a higher risk for foot disorders that could cause serious issues later in life. Here at Dr. Foot, not only are we offering specialized services for kids, we are also offering completely free foot and body screenings for children because we are passionate about helping all children live a healthier life.”

The clinic website can be seen at http://Drfoot.ca/

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