Doc RG Now Providing Extensive Healthcare Services in Canada

Doc RG Now Providing Extensive Healthcare Services in Canada

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Doc. RG clinic is a premier provider of independent healthcare services in Toronto. The Doc. RG is now offering cutting-edge treatment and prevention methods to better serve the community.

Canada – With an ever-increasing demand for effective prevention based healthcare, Doc. RG Clinic is always looking to add revolutionary services to their repertoire. The clinic currently operates in Toronto, Canada and provides a diverse range of clients with dynamic healthcare services. With a highly qualified staff that is trained to work with a collaborative approach, the clinic’s outlook on preventative care sets it apart from its competitors in the area.

As of recently, the clinic has added a new form of preventative care to their facility: Information Therapy. Information Therapy is prescription based medical information that is supplied to patients according to their needs. It gives the patients a reliable educational resource for health and wellness at all times, even when a physician might not be available. Allowing patients to make informed health decisions, Information Therapy can also help patients change their behavior and adapt to healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, while the patient might not take physician advice seriously, Information Therapy provides advice in the form of prescription, which makes it obligatory for patients to follow the advice.

Dr. Reza Ghalamghash, Chief Research Officer of Doc. RG Group made an official press statement about the clinic and its processes “Here at the Doc. RG Clinic, we have put ourselves at the forefront of healthcare innovation by constantly providing new and effective services. Being an independent practice, we always strive to set the bar high and provide all of our patients with a truly valuable and enriching experience.”

He further added “With groundbreaking services such as Information Therapy available at our finger tips, we can truly help our patients start a transformative experience in their life. With highly skilled general physicians and a plethora of health care services that are calibrated to perfection, Doc. RG Clinic is the hallmark of professionalism.”

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