Double-Ended Freestanding Baths Now Available With Even Greater Discounts at the JT Spas Site

The freestanding bath is an iconic element in any bathroom, and even the modern bathroom can benefit from the addition of such a beautiful yet still functional and convenient element. For those wanting to transform their modern bathroom with a gorgeous freestanding bath, JT Spas has just the answer with its range of double-ended freestanding baths, which now come with even bigger discount offers.

Bathrooms have undergone a complete transformation in recent years. They are not just a functional room or space in the home – they are increasingly being seen as a place where homeowners can become truly comfortable, and homeowners are choosing to outfit their own bathrooms with all the best furniture, features, and elements they could find.

JT Spas stands as a respected partner of those who want high-quality bathroom products at budget-friendly prices, and with its great relationship with a variety of manufacturers, it can give just that. Customers have been flocking to the JT Spas site for years, not only to get bigger items such as baths and shower cabins but also for smaller items like bathroom accessories, shelves, mirrors, toilet roll and towel holders, and a lot more.

And now, there is yet one other item that has made its mark: the freestanding bath and JT Spas has plenty. The freestanding baths on offer at the site are all made from the finest, highest-grade materials, but not only this – they are also given at the best discounts. One particularly viable investment is the Jupiter double-ended freestanding bath, the Naples model, which now goes for the lowest price of £595. Since the freestanding bath’s original price is at £1259, customers are acquiring an excellent discount. This oval-shaped freestanding bath is double-ended for extra comfort, and it is crafted and made using only the finest grade acrylic, additionally reinforced using a glass fibre resin material.

One aspect that sets the Naples (and Jupiter brand) apart is the fact that its baths offer increased insulation, and this means that the water in the bath can stay warm for a longer time. The bath is also made from premium acrylic, which means that it is easier to maintain and clean. Another great deal for double-ended baths at JT Spas is the Jupiter double-ended freestanding bath for two people, the Venice Plus bath, which now goes for the best price of £595. To check and see the latest and best freestanding baths offered with the ultimate discounts at JT Spas, visit the site.

About JT Spas

JT Spas is the best source of bathroom products on the Internet, especially for customers in the UK looking for premium discounts combined with high-quality and long-lasting products. The range at JT Spas includes freestanding baths along with other kinds of baths, so feel free to check out the website today. 

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