Dorinda Barker of NXTConnection Brings True Authenticity to Meaningful Online Connections

Dorinda Barker of NXTConnection Brings True Authenticity to Meaningful Online Connections

Dorinda Barker – Founder of NXTConnection
Master Online Mingling with NXTConnection!

LOS ANGELES, CA – Even before the pandemic hit, it wasn’t easy to socialize. Online mingling may seem like it should be easy, but there’s a considerable amount of people who struggle even with the basics. For many, there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to the nuances of reaching out to people online, and with the exponentially increasing importance of the internet in our lives, we have no choice but to learn how to adapt. Thankfully, for those struggling to get a handle on the whole thing, Dorinda Barker, the founder of NXTConnection, is here to help.

Dorinda Barker is the founder and president of NXTConnection, a consulting service specializing in enhancing and optimizing online profiles to ensure their clients are making their first impression their best impression. From cultivating bios to setting up professional photoshoots for profile pictures, NXTConnection gives its clients the support and advice they need to navigate the tricky world of online mingling.

Dorinda founded NXTConnection after experiencing the trials and tribulations of online mingling herself. “More frequently than not, profiles didn’t necessarily represent the person on the other end,” she says, “and this is something most people struggle with. On social media, where it’s easiest to reach out, this pitfall is especially common.” Her own experiences with making connections online informed her process for helping her clients put themselves out there and making meaningful connections.

Her new course offers a one-of-a-kind guided experience with making personal online connections. One of the many features of this course is a detailed worksheet that takes clients through creating the perfect profile, professional photoshoots, bios, special prompts, an app review, and more! Additionally, she provides two live calls to help her clients get on track, giving in-depth, personalized critiques of various social media profiles plus a FREE Facebook group for others searching for meaningful connections.

Dorinda knows how hard it is for so many people to get attention online, but her expertise has helped her clients everywhere put themselves out there and find the connections they’re looking for. She offers one-on-one services and online courses that accommodate everywhere, whether they want to customize their profiles themselves or just want to learn how to make themselves stand out. No matter what they need, she’s an expert on helping her clients get a grasp on mastering online mingling. 

For anyone looking to make meaningful online connections and start off 2021 on the right foot, they can visit NXTConnection’s website. Dorinda can also be emailed directly at

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