Don’t Press Send App, A Digital Parenting App, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Don’t Press Send App is ensuring all hands are on deck with its latest digital parenting app. The new parenting app enables every parent around the world to digitally parent their children without putting unnecessary limitations and barriers in the child’s way. Don’t Press Send App is so happy to announce the launch of a fundraising campaign through, the official Kickstarter link to support Don’t Press Send App. It is a fact that young children all over the world are hooked on social media platforms, posting pictures, videos, sharing all types of content and doling out opinions on everything under the sun. Sometimes this can be harmful to their health, safety, and future. Hence, Don’t Press Send App now serves as a supervisor through which parents can guide their children through the murky water of the social media world.

Furthermore, Don’t Press Send App is the newest app that is primarily designed as an essential part and indispensable tool for 21st-century parenting. As the modern world continues to deal with universal problem associated with reasonable use of social media by teenagers, Don’t Press Send App has been created for parents to review the content of their teen’s posts before they are posted on social media. This app is primarily designed for parents who care about the potential consequences of their child’s social media presence. Therefore Don’t Press Send App can simply be used as digital parenting tool by every parent.

Anthony Lange, the projector creator of Don’t Press Send, while responding to questions asked by a group of tech journalists, said, “We are extremely excited to launch this new digital parenting app. Don’t Press Send App offers great opportunities to parents who are looking for opportunities to guide, digitally parent and remotely mentor their children without encroaching on their rights and freedom as unique individuals. This Kickstarter campaign is a great opportunity to get the exposure that Don’t Press Send App actually needs. We believe with the support of every parent towards our kickstarter campaign, regardless of color, geographical location, social standing or financial strength, we’ll be able to make the social media a decent yet learning place for every teenager.

With a true teaching and parenting purpose in mind, Don’t Press Send App, envisioned a very positive social media conduct, which allows parents to simply block their child’s post from being published if they feel the post is inappropriate. With that, they can leave constructive feedback on why the content is being blocked, making it a perfect teaching moment for parents and learning moments for the concerned teenagers. This will gradually educate teenagers and help them differentiate what are appropriate commentary and pictures to post. The Don’t Press Send App allows parents to become an ideal social media mentor to their children.

However, to successfully achieve this goal, Don’t Press Send App needs the collective support of every parent all over the world. Parents can contribute to this project through By doing that, contributing parents will have early access to the Don’t Press Send App.

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