DMBH America To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For Its Innovative Smart Putting Trainer

The InBirdie Tempo Plus is an AI-powered smart putting trainer with 12 precision optical sensors to accurately measure and train putting tempo, angle, and distance up to 60 feet

November 25, 2022 – DMBH America is delighted to announce that golfers interested in perfecting their putting tempo will finally be able to get their hands on the most advanced smart putting aid for mastering the ultimate birdie. In a statement released today, the US-based company revealed that it will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for its incredible AI-powered smart putting trainer on the 6th of December 2022, with incredible discounts for customers who pre-order the innovative device during the special early bird promotion.

Whether it’s during a friendly game, amateur, or professional competition, being able to flawlessly execute a winning putt is a skill every golfer dreams of mastering. But just like every other skill worth having, becoming a better putter requires extensive practice to perfect the technique and develop the confidence needed to step up in that high-pressure situation.

“Tracking your putting swing has never been easier. With InBirdie Tempo Plus, simply lay out your mat, turn it on, and putt away. With one swing it will track your speed, distance and angle using its state-of-the-art built-in laser sensor.”

Designed for the success-driven golfer, the InBirdie Tempo Plus is an extraordinary putting aid that focuses on 3 putting elements in one stroke, to help users improve their putting accuracy. The extraordinary device combines artificial intelligence with 12 precision optical sensors to accurately measure and train putting tempo, angle, and distance up to 60 feet.

Relying on the device’s accurate laser sensor feedback technology that tracks each movement of the ball to the nearest tenth of a decimal, golfers will finally be able to correctly gauge the speed, distance, and angle of their putts and use the feedback provided to improve their scores. In addition to letting golfers putt at any distance with the given mat for maximum range, the InBirdie Tempo also sports a ball-retrieving bumper at the end that allows users to practise countless times without losing the rhythm of their stroke.

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To use the device, golfers simply need to plug their InBirdie Tempo Plus into a power source, place a golf ball onto the specified marker on the map, and putt their way to perfection. For more information on the smart putting trainer, please reach out to DMBH America LLC via the contact info below.

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