Divorce Mediation in Connecticut

A divorce is a taxing time for the family and going to court is bound to make it even more stressful. A mediator can help you reach an agreement you are comfortable with.

Getting a divorce can be a very trying process for everyone involved, even when there is a mutual agreement that the relationship has come to an end there are still many matters to settle before the divorce is finalized. It is a common misconception that a divorce has to involve a nasty court battle; however, sometimes it is possible to reach a peaceful solution that both parties feel comfortable with. This is where mediation comes in. A mediation is the process whereby negotiations moderated by a neutral third party take place in an attempt to reach a settlement. Mediations are a cheaper, less stressful alternative to a trial and will allow the parties involved to have a courteous negotiation in a safe environment where they can express their concerns.

A good mediation service will provide both parties with equal attention regardless of their current situation, they are duty-bound to listen and make a note of each party’s individual needs and concerns as well as make sure that each one of those is discussed to both party’s satisfaction. This technique protects the interests of everyone involved and increases the chances of reaching an amicable solution to what is a complicated issue. Christina P. Burnham allows each party to state their case and concerns over their future, thus ensuring that a fair negotiation process takes place.

There are many benefits in choosing to allow a mediator to come in and help instead of going to court, the first of these is that it is cheaper than paying court fees; however, the most important benefit is that it has positive effects on the children involved. Because a court battle is a very stressful time, chances are that the home environment will deteriorate and children will begin to feel the effects of it, since mediation is a far less stressful situation it allows the parties to provide their children with a more tranquil home environment even when they are right in the middle of the conflict. The effect that a divorce process has on children is a concern for Christina, which is why she promotes the notion that a peaceful solution can be achieved if both parties feel at ease with the process and trust that the mediator is maintaining neutrality at all times.

The mediator is not a judge and that is perhaps their biggest asset since they are able to take the time to get to know the workings of the family as well as both sides of the story and both sets of concerns. This is why it is far more likely to reach a joint-custody agreement with a mediator than in court. Christina will listen to the concerns carefully and help the parties reach an agreement that will suit their individual needs, this sounds more desirable than having a judge who does not know you personally make decisions about your family.

About Christina P. Burnham

Christina has helped mediate disputes since 1995. She went to the University of Connecticut School of Law and received mediation training with Robert Benjamin and Carl Schneider. She has experience representing individual parties in state and federal court and mediation of disputes.

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