ProtectPax – An Invisible Screen Protector For All Smartphones

Cracking of the smartphone screen is a persistent problem for many smartphone users. However, due to a revolutionary screen protector named ProtectPax, this will soon become a thing of past.

A cracked screen is the most common problem experienced by the smartphone or tablet users. This is entirely avoidable by using ProtectPax, an invisible screen protector. It is built using nanotechnology, which finds application in the space development and systems.

Innovated by a passionate techno freak Pascal Buchen, ProtectPax is a revolutionary product of a startup by the same name. It is ideal to protect all glass surfaces including the screens of laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, watches, and much more, as it possesses 9h hardness just like Ruby or Sapphire.

Highlights of ProtectPax

The screen protector exhibits multiple bright features that make it quite desirable to protect the screens. Some of these features are as follows:

• Resistance to scratches and water
• Prevents cracking, breaking, and fingerprints
• Protects against electromagnetic radiation
• Improves functionality of the touch screen
• Takes a few seconds in its application
• Durable up to 365 days

Procedure To Apply ProtectPax

The procedure of the application of ProtectPax is extremely simple and involves the following steps:

• If plugged, switched off the power supply and then turn off the mobile device.
• Remove the USB cables, headphones, and other accessories.
• Clean the smartphone screen with the given cleaning cloth in the package and wipe it to dry.
• Place the liquid glass soaked sealing cloth to spread the liquid evenly over it and slowly on the display glass.
• Keep the gap of 10 minutes and then start polishing the applied screen protector with the tissue paper of the pack until the display glass shines.
• Finally, after 10 minutes, your ProtectPax has reached its maximum strength to protect your device screen at the fullest.

The most significant aspect of the protector is that it is 500 times thinner than a human hair, which makes it invisible to the human eyes. Moreover, it offers the Lotus Effect because of which there will be no more worries about accidental spillage or even adhesion of bacteria on the glass surface or screen. Since the company ProtectPax is a startup business, it has started a crowdfunding campaign to start manufacturing of this awesome protector on a modest scale.  

About Anthony Filipiak and Pascal Buchen

Pascal Buchen is a founder of the breathtaking screen protector “ProtectPax” as well as a founder of the company by the same name in Germany. Anthony Filipiak, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic marketing professional who is putting enormous efforts in making the crowdfunding campaign a successful one.

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