Dimitri Cazeau and Fabrice, Brothers, Entrepreneurs and Musicians Set To Redefine the Music Industry as They Work Together to Set the Pace for the New Music Genre – Freskau

Meet Dimitri Cazeau and Fabrice Cazeau, two brothers of Haitian Descent who won a “Boom 3s” in The Freskau World. They are both entrepreneurs, musicians and Family guys, best known for their events called “Party kings” which mostly took place in Boston and Los Angeles. On Partykingspresent.com, there is a large least of party pictures and videos that show the growth of the popularity of the brothers in the underground entertainment scene.

The Oldest one, Fabrice, is a motivational speaker in “Sa Nou Panse“, a platform where young people come to share their thoughts on topics like love, relationships, health, and self-confidence. He is also the Leader of the “Roll Deep Movement”, an automobile customization platform that allows car enthusiasts to come together.

The younger brother, Dimitri, is best known for his stage name “Kreyonbox” and his first music album “Freskau Love“ which was released on Spotify and Apple music. The album was recorded in the Newbury Street studios in Boston and later released in Los Angeles. The musician talks about his love relationships and friendships that have led him throughout his whole life.

Even though the album has been labeled as electronic music or reggae on some music distribution platforms like Spotify and Apple music, kreyonbox specified that he makes “Freskau Music”. It is a blend of a fresh Caribbean sound melted with pop and electro, Freskau music is a new genre of music which he hopes will be more widely accepted one day as more musicians are doing it. DJ Eqma, DJ Dinimix and DJ Teesee which are the most known freskau music artists to this date called the “freskau Love” album a groundbreaking piece of work. On jwein network, a group of singers and DJs advocates in favor of this album as a representation of this new genre.

The two brothers are headed for their first international tour “The Populaire”. The tour is more than a club and school performances. They make a lot of stops at people’s homes either for a performance or to just enjoy a party. Their goal is to continue “Party Kings” but in an international level meaning by going to as many countries as possible and create memories. In an interview by 97.3 FM, the brothers explained how brotherhood was the key to their success!

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