Develop Cold Chain Logistics to Build Immunity Barriers

Vaccine cold chain refers to the refrigeration equipment used for storing and transporting vaccines, which is crucial in maintaining the quality of vaccines throughout their journey from the manufacturer to the vaccination unit. Key to a well-established cold chain system is cold chain equipment that exhibits exceptional performance and reliability, which play a vital role in ensuring the availability, safety, and effectiveness of vaccines.

Haier Biomedical, as the world’s leading provider of life sciences and medical innovation scenario solutions, has long been committed to developing global cold chain solutions for vaccines, which cover a wide range of temperature domains and scenarios, ranging from -80°C to 8°C. By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) full-process traceability platform, the company also achieves the desired functionalities of monitoring and control of the vaccine’s to the “last mile” with the entire cold chain process. This comprehensive approach ensures the safety and efficacy of vaccines, thereby contributing to the establishment of a global immunity barrier.

Leading Digital Intelligence Reform

Comprehensively Safeguarding Cold Chain Security

In terms of vaccine transportation, Haier Biomedical has created a comprehensive solution for vaccine transportation scenario, which entails a refrigerated vehicle with a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C with excellent thermal insulation performance, high reliability, robust carrying capacity, and high degree of informationization; a lightweight and portable transport cooler that enables multi-temperature control due to its ability to carry different temperature storage media, and ensures exceptional temperature control over extended periods of time using advanced vacuum insulation technology, making it ideal for use in various transportation settings, even those that are subject to frequent changes and challenging conditions; the mini ULT freezer that can maintain a consistent temperature of -80°C for extended periods, conveniently connect to a 24V (DC) vehicle power supply, and has excellent temperature uniformity and long holdover time, making it suitable for long-distance transportation of vaccines and allowing for ample time to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of vaccines across different regions.

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In line with this, it integrates vaccine storage technology with IoT technology and manufactured its cold chain products with an IoT monitoring module, which enables real-time monitoring and alarming for the equipment’s temperature and operational status while providing complete protection and safety for the stored samples.

Meanwhile, with a display module, information storage and processing module, and BIMS system, the company’s cold chain storage equipment can accurately identify and record the sample storage location based on the sample label using the scanning system. Users are now able to achieve one-click synchronization and one-second access when viewing and accessing samples, which greatly reduces the time required for their work.

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Strictly control product quality

Commitment to the Brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility

During product development, the company’s design and R&D teams conduct a thorough analysis of the user requirements and offer competitive solutions tailored to their specific needs, always prioritizing the users’ requirements and creating value for them. Meanwhile, during its R&D planning, the company establishes test standards based on specific user requirements. In collaboration with the quality authority, the company undertakes research and testing to ensure the quality of its products, which not only ensures the quality of the product R&D, but also validates the outcomes, aligning them with the specific needs of users.

Haier Biomedical is committed to upholding the principle of “respect for life” and follows a client-centric approach in the endeavor to foster a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem in collaboration with all stakeholders. The company maintains strict control over their product quality, implements a responsible supply chain, prioritizes their users’ needs, and strives to serve the fields of life science and medical innovation with concrete actions. The whole-process quality system is established with the aim to meet user needs and deliver optimal user experiences, and continuously enhances both the system itself and the overall quality to ensure “zero product defects and zero user complaints.” As of the end of 2022, the product defect rate has dropped by 33% year-on-year, which is a commendable progress that garnered widespread acclaim from satisfied users.

Adherence to Green Transformation

Holding the red line of low-carbon products

The company also embraces a development philosophy centered around “green, technology, and innovation,” and has formulated a comprehensive development strategy that is driven by green technology and innovation.  Drawing on its experience in sustainable development, Haier Biomedical has been making significant strides in upgrading its cold chain equipment and innovating its technology in a green and low-carbon way, with a strong commitment to low-carbon and high-efficiency development. Furthermore, the company has adopted HC refrigerant for its entire range of products in the vaccine cold chain, positioning it as a pioneering force in the pursuit of carbon neutrality, and significantly contributing to the green initiative and the dual-carbon goals.

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In terms of cold chain product materials, Haier Biomedical strictly adheres to the laws and regulations, diligently evaluates the qualifications of its suppliers, and continuously enhances its procurement process and mechanism to ensure the selection of renewable and recyclable materials for its parts and components. Over time, the company has steadily increased the proportion of renewable and recyclable materials in its procurement, further contributing to environmental preservation. Through its own initiatives, Haier Biomedical has emerged as an industry leader, spearheading the adoption of green and low-carbon practices and harnessing the power of technological innovation to drive carbon reduction efforts, which cemented its position as a frontrunner in the industry’s green transformation and development.

As science and technology continue to advance, there is a growing demand among people for health care, and an increasing number of people are opting to enhance their personal protection through vaccination. This trend is expected to drive a continuous rise in the demand for vaccine cold chain services. As a result, the vaccine cold chain industry is poised to enter a new phase of competition and mutually beneficial development. Through the technology ecological model, Haier Biomedical will continue to enhance and refine its scenario program, stay at the forefront of global low-temperature cold chain advancements, contribute “Haier Biomedical Power” to the global public health crisis preparation and prevention efforts by leveraging the immunity barrier it has built, and innovate the vaccine cold chain industry, with the ultimate goal of benefiting the well-being and health of mankind. 

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