Dentist Wailuku Maui, HI Shares Gum Recession Treatment Technique – the Chao Pinhole in New Interview on Dentistry Technology

“Dr. Michael Miyamoto is the new co-owner and son of the Miyamoto Dental Design Suite founder, Alan Miyamoto.”
Dr. Miyamoto is interviewed about the Chao Pinhole Technique that helps with gum recession. He explains why this solution has minimal discomfort compared to traditional methods, and exactly how this technique works, using a “pinhole” instrument.

An accomplished dentist in Wailuku, Dr. Miyamoto, is offering the public an efficient and effective treatment for gum recession called the Chao Pinhole Technique. It is a minimally invasive treatment method that offers similar results to patients compared to previous gum recession solutions but is much more patient friendly with zero to minimal discomfort compared to traditional methods.

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Gum recession is a dental condition in which the gum tissue at the root of the teeth wears out. This could happen because of periodontal disease, aggressive brushing techniques, or aging. Gum recession, or gingival recession, exposes the root of the tooth resulting in permanent loss of the bone that holds your teeth in place.  The amount of bone loss is equivalent to the amount of recession. Exposed roots can also result in tooth sensitivity and cavities due to the softer nature of the root surface

Traditional methods of treating gum recession involved acquiring tissue from the palate of the mouth and stitching it to the area where recession had occurred. This resulted in two incisions and more scars. This procedure was quite invasive and required a long healing period that was often uncomfortable. The Chao Pinhole Technique eliminates this level discomfort.

Dr. Miyamoto enthusiastically explained the breakthrough treatment saying, “The Chao Pinhole Technique is exactly what you need if you have been suffering from the effects of gum recession. There’s no grafting, stitching or extended recovery period required as was the case with previous treatments. Now, there’s no excuse to continue enduring the painful effects of gum recession and the resulting of loss of bone support from gum recession.”

The Chao Pinhole Technique uses a small instrument to correct gum recession. As the name suggests, this is done through a “pinhole” created on the surface of the gum. Through the pinhole, the instrument is used to realign the gum tissue so that it covers the tooth area exposed due to the recession.

Dr. Miyamoto studied for his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree and graduated with honors from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in Maryland in 1987. Due to his excellence in studies, he was selected to join the Gamma Pi Delta Prosthodontic Honor Society. He has continued to sharpen his skills over the years, and completed over 1400 hours of advanced continuous training. He is passionate about giving the best dental services to patients.

Andy L. gave a review of the Maui dentist, saying, “Dr. Miyamoto is an absolute professional at the top of his field, and my wife and I have been very impressed with the care that he and his staff have provided to us. I highly recommend Dr. Miyamoto to anyone in Maui looking for the perfect dentist!”

The Chao Pinhole Technique treats gum recession in a minimally invasive way with quick recovery, delivering results that were previously unattainable using previous methods.

Dr. Miyamoto is also very passionate about helping his community in Maui, HI. He has partnered with Maui Food Bank to organize a food drive campaign. Anyone can come to his office with a $39 donation, which will go directly to the food bank, and Dr. Miyamoto will reward the participants with a free dental package, consisting of a basic dental cleaning, consultation, and 4 bitewing X-rays.

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