Dentist North Houston, Independence Heights TX, Provides Free Dental Care and Helps Families & Children with Hunger

“Dr. Behzad Nazari at his dental office Antoine Dental Center.”
Dr. Nazari from Antoine Dental Center in Houston TX has been helping the community with various efforts, including his partnership with the Houston Food Bank to give aid to hungry families and children.

Dentist Dr. Behzad Nazari, from Antoine Dental in Northline, TX and the surrounding areas of North Houston, is excited to help the community through a new charity program. By partnering with Houston Food Bank, hungry families and children will receive help while residents get a free dental cleaning, exam and x-rays.

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Dr. Nazari has been actively involved in bringing smiles to the community in Houston for over 18 years, and he has a concern about the way many Americans pay little attention to their oral healthcare. “Most people have the mistaken belief that if there is no considerable pain in their mouth, they need not prioritize a regular checkup. Yet, this is so far from the truth,” said Dr. Nazari.

Studies published recently by the American Heart Association and the American Dental Association report that delaying dental care can lead to gum diseases, which can then cause problems arising from weakened immunity, which lead to heart, lung and also liver diseases. Even expectant mothers could possibly get still-born or pre-mature babies because of gum diseases.

Dr. Nazari is also very apprehensive about the situation in the local communities. “Folks unable to afford 3 meals a day is a problem that’s getting bigger. The pressure on the local food banks to meet these needs has grown and yet the donations of food have been declined.”

Dr. Nazari invites local residents to bring $39 to his office as a donation to the local food bank. In turn, he will reward the participants with a free dental cleaning, exam, and X-rays. 100% of the donations will go directly to Houston Food Bank.

Dr. Nazari is heavily involved in giving back to his community. He volunteers frequently to assist the less fortunate with dental care. He further appreciates that the needs in his community are not restricted to dental health.

“This is an opportunity for our practice and the people in our local community to come together and enhance their dental health, while at the same time extending a helping hand to the less fortunate among us,” said Dr. Nazari. “I would like to ask everyone to spread the word about our program to their friends and neighbors. The more people know about this effort, the more needy families can receive aid, and the more people stay healthy!”

Learn more about Dr. Nazari’s dental program, open to Northline, Independent Heights, TX residents and other areas around Houston on

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