Dementia Patients Seeing Results with SMART Memory Program

“The treatment of dementia in the early stages is making a big leap forward thanks to a new innovative clinical methods.”

An innovative approach to dementia prevention and treatment is showing real signs of progress for patients experiencing the early symptoms. The SMART Memory Program was developed by Dr. John DenBoer, a Clinical Neuropsychologist practicing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. DenBoer says the SMART Memory Program is a cognitive intervention program geared for adults in the early stages of dementia. The treatment came about as the result of extensive research by Dr. DenBoer, who specializes in the area of early-stage dementia detection.   This research was begun in 2007, when Dr. DenBoer was an intern at Harvard University.  

“After seeing the effect this program has had on about 3000 patients in the Phoenix Valley, I can confidentially say that the SMART Program can significantly help reduce the possibility of dementia when this disease is in the early stages,” Dr. DenBoer says. 

Early detection is essential when it comes to dementia because it allows the patient to engage with medical professionals and obtain crucial access to support services. It also helps delay the disease from becoming so debilitating that patients need to be placed in an independent or assisted living facility.   

Dr. DenBoer says one of the most important factors in battling dementia in the early stages is to know the warning signs, such as memory loss that has an impact on someone’s daily routine.

For some people, it may start becoming harder to plan events or solve basic problems. While it is easy to attribute these symptoms to normal stress, Dr. DenBoer says it’s important to consider more serious underlying issues, especially when the problems are making daily life more difficult.

He also emphasizes the value of new and novel learning tasks on dementia prevention, noting that many games that seniors play (e.g., bridge) are actually not helpful in warding off the dangerous effects of dementia.  

“New and novel learning is essential in releasing glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain,” Dr. DenBoer says.  “The release of this chemical serves to reduce the possibility of cortical atrophy (shrinkage of the brain) that occurs in all forms of dementia.  We do this through both the SMART Memory Program and on-line version of the program, SMART Brain U.”

Clinical testing with a neuropsychologist will help identify those patients experiencing dementia in the early stages and come up with the right method for dementia treatment. Dr. DenBoer says he expects to continue seeing patient improvement through implementation of the SMART memory program.

“Neuropsychologists are specifically trained in the assessment of early stage dementia and can be tremendously helpful in detecting and intervening in early stage dementia.”

About Dr. DenBoer

Dr. John DenBoer received his training in clinical psychology from the University of Montana and University of Colorado. He interned at Harvard University and Boston University School of Medicine, receiving his post-doctorate training from Barrow Neurological Institute.

About SMART Aging, Inc.

SMART Aging, Inc. focuses on providing cognitive prevention and intervention for early stage dementia.  

Please see or call 1-855-B-SMART-0 for more information.

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