Decrim: A Remarkable Insider Account of Decriminalizing Drugs in British Columbia by Former Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart

Decrim: A Remarkable Insider Account of Decriminalizing Drugs in British Columbia by Former Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart

In a groundbreaking move that has captured global attention, British Columbia recently embarked on a transformative journey towards decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of hard drugs. At the heart of this pivotal moment stands Dr. Kennedy Stewart, a former Member of Parliament and Mayor of Vancouver, who has penned the riveting account of this historic shift in “Decrim: How We Decriminalized Drugs in British Columbia.”

Kennedy Stewart, an esteemed political scientist and public policy expert, served as Mayor of Vancouver from 2018 to 2022. He offers a unique and compelling insider perspective on how British Columbia has taken a bold step forward in addressing the opioid crisis that has gripped Canada. With over 9,400 lives lost to due drug overdose in BC since the declaration of a public health emergency in 2016, the province was in dire need of a change.

“Decrim” dives deep into the story of how this monumental policy shift came to be. Stewart meticulously outlines the challenges faced by those who championed decriminalization, including the personal cost he paid in his mayoral re-election bid. This book serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of individuals who believe that treating this overdose crisis as a public health issue is the key to saving lives.

Decriminalization is more than just a legal shift; it represents a paradigm shift in society’s approach to drug use. It’s about reducing stigma, improving access to health services, and mitigating the harms associated with criminalization. As we enter the three-year trial period commencing on January 31, 2023, “Decrim” is a timely and essential resource for understanding the journey and the future implications of this groundbreaking change.

About The Author:

Dr. Kennedy Stewart’s extensive experience as a former Member of Parliament, Mayor of Vancouver, and director of the SFU Centre for Public Policy Research lends depth and authenticity to this significant account. His commitment to addressing crucial issues, from opposing pipeline expansions to advocating for drug decriminalization, is evident in his work.

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