Captivating New Memoir “Women Caught in the Crossfire” Chronicles the Power of Female Resilience in South Sudan’s Many Times of War

Captivating New Memoir "Women Caught in the Crossfire" Chronicles the Power of Female Resilience in South Sudan’s Many Times of War

A powerful narrative that unveils the God-given strength of women, the transformative power of adversity and the impact of hard-won resilience, “Women Caught in the Crossfire,” co-authored by Abuk Jervas Makuac and Susan Lynn Clark, is a poignant memoir that delves deep into the harrowing experiences of one woman among many in the turbulence of civil war in South Sudan.

Abuk Jervas Makuac’s firsthand account takes readers on a deeply emotional journey, detailing her day and night struggle for survival, from fleeing her beloved homeland to enduring the relentless challenges of life as a refugee in Ethiopia, Kenya and the US. Abuk Makuac’s transformation from a girl with broken dreams to a woman of strength offers a guiding light of hope for women of all circumstances.

Abuk Makuac and Susan Clark bring a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to the table, making their collaborative work a must-read for anyone seeking to understand more deeply the individual and collective experience of refugees.

Women Caught in the Crossfire” is a testament to the power of women to build community in the face of war, nurturing love and hope against a backdrop of despair and catalyzing rebirth not only in the life of one woman, but also in the life of a nation. As Abuk Makuac affirms: “For this, a person must be stronger than death. We are such women.”

“Women Caught in the Crossfire” is available now on Amazon and other online bookstores!

About the Authors

Abuk Jervas Makuac was forced to flee her homeland of South Sudan when civil war ignited in 1983. “Women Caught in the Crossfire” is a poignant retelling of her family’s journey through the trials of displacement and adversity.

Susan Lynn Clark is a licensed psychotherapist serving in a clinic for marginalized populations in Fort Worth, Texas. She has dedicated her career to helping immigrants and refugees heal from past trauma and adjust to their new lives, providing essential support and guidance.

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