DDMALL Disrupts the Video Compression Industry with Cutting-Edge Mini H.265 Encoder/Decoder Solutions

DDMALL Disrupts the Video Compression Industry with Cutting-Edge Mini H.265 Encoder/Decoder Solutions
DDMALL, a global leader in video compression, announces its focus on advancing H.265 codecs worldwide. Founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, China, DDMALL pioneers miniaturized H.265 encoders and decoders.

DDMALL, a global leader in video compression technology, is proud to announce the next phase of its growth focused on accelerating the adoption of high-efficiency H.265 codecs worldwide. With over a decade of experience in research, development and manufacturing, DDMALL is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective video compression solutions that empower customers and transform industries.

Founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, China by visionary entrepreneur Jack, DDMALL pioneered miniaturized H.265 encoders and decoders that optimize video streaming and storage. Under Jack’s leadership, DDMALL has grown into a 500-person organization with world-class R&D and manufacturing facilities. The company’s state-of-the-art headquarters feature a 10,000 square meter campus housing advanced labs, clean rooms and an AI/ML research division. DDMALL’s manufacturing plant in Dongguan spans 60,000 square meters with the capacity and certifications to produce hundreds of thousands of units per month.

DDMALL’s Innovation Engine

Over the past decade, DDMALL has invested heavily in cultivating an innovation-first company culture. The heart of DDMALL’s R&D efforts lies within its Shenzhen campus, home to over 200 engineers and researchers focused solely on next-generation video decoding compression technologies. Working closely with academic partners like Tsinghua University and Harvard, DDMALL pioneers fundamental codec architecture advances through its work in neural networks, computer vision and deep learning.

This unparalleled focus on research has fueled many industry firsts. DDMALL invented the world’s smallest single-chip H.265 encoder in 2014, measuring just 12mm x 12mm. Leveraging this expertise in miniaturization, in 2016 DDMALL commercialized the first pin-compatible H.264 to H.265 encoder upgrade modules, allowing seamless migration to higher efficiency for millions of existing products. Most recently, in 2020 DDMALL debuted the first AI-enhanced H.265 encoder capable of optimizing compression 60% better than previous solutions through real-time scene analysis and adaptive quantization.

“Our mission since day one has been to push the boundaries of video compression through cutting-edge research in AI, computer vision and new codec standards,” said Jack, Founder and CEO of DDMALL. “Today’s announcement marks an inflection point as we leverage our expertise to empower organizations across industries globally.”

Products Empowering Industries Worldwide

Leveraging its innovation engine, DDMALL offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of H.265 products. This includes everything from single-chip mini encoders measuring just 5mm x 5mm, to rackmount encoding appliances capable of 1080p60 HD streams. DDMALL tailors its offerings to serve the unique needs of verticals like:

  • Surveillance: DDMALL provides the world’s smallest and most power efficient IP camera modules and NVR platforms. Products like the HDMI mini H.265 enable the next generation of AI-powered systems.
  • Live Streaming: As a preferred supplier to leaders like Facebook and Twitch, DDMALL enables power users to broadcast events worldwide at minimum bandwidth utilization through its ProStream family of encoders.
  • Video Conferencing: The CPMini265 series kits seamlessly upgrade existing conferencing hardware to H.265 without platform replacement. This eases migration to higher quality video calls.
  • Industrial Imaging: DDMALL’s IP65 rated XPMini265 is optimized for machine vision use cases requiring compressed video over M2M networks in harsh environments.
  • Storage Optimization: DDMALL compression appliances maximize usable storage space for surveillance footage archives while maintaining resolution and image quality.

This diverse product range has served tens of thousands of customers across six continents. Whether deployed standalone or integrated by OEM manufacturers, DDMALL solutions have so far optimized over 100 petabytes of video transmissions and storage worldwide.

Empowering Customers Through Accessibility

Beyond innovative products, DDMALL is committed to empowering customers through an accessible purchasing experience. With a global network of over 2000 channel partners in 130 countries, customers can obtain DDMALL solutions through their preferred resellers. In addition, DDMALL maintains localized inventory in 20 regional warehouses to ensure 95% of orders ship within 24 hours.

“Our success depends on supporting customers throughout their journeys,” said Patrick Feng, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “We aim to remove barriers so video pros can focus on their core work instead of chasing suppliers. That means ensuring fast delivery, multilingual support and flexible financing options whenever needed.”

This customer-centric approach has earned DDMALL a trusted reputation. “DDMALL has enabled us to exceed bandwidth constraints and migrate 50 camera encoder to H.265 within budget,” said Fred Li, CTO at Guangzhou Smart Surveillance. “Their local inventory, financing programs and responsive technical support were crucial to the success of our transition.”

Powering the Future of Video

Looking ahead, DDMALL will continue investing $50 million annually in research and manufacturing expansion. New initiatives include hiring 100 additional engineers by 2023 focused on next-generation video coding standards like Versatile Video Coding (VVC). DDMALL will also open new offices in Seattle, Munich and Mumbai to better serve customers through localized engineering resources and channels.

“Over the next decade, global internet traffic will be dominated by video,” said Jack. “DDMALL is committed to providing the world’s most advanced and accessible video compression technologies to enable this transformation. Our goal is to help empower customers across every industry to realize the full potential of video through optimized streaming, storage and analytics.”

To learn more about DDMALL’s portfolio of innovative H.265 products and solutions, please visit www.ddmalltech.com or contact a local sales representative. Media inquiries can be directed to support@ddmall.com

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