DCS Telecom Hosted PBX & IP Phone Systems

DCS Telecom Ltd. is a growing business rapidly taking off, now in their 18th year of working with Samsung. This business serves enterprises needing Wi-Fi connections and IP/PBX phone systems. Some of their services include installations, communications, and sales in the Samsung product line. When working directly with DCS Telecom, it is strongly encouraged to buy the same products they offer as installation is part of that package.

DCS Telecom sells, services and maintains phone systems, voicemail systems, paging systems and any other networking needs. They also provide services for VOIP Phone Systems and Digital Phone Systems. Other products include headsets, ethernet cables, and structured cabling. Associated with Samsung, DCS Telecom products are well serviced and maintained properly upon procedure.

Beyond providing a variety of services, this up and coming business targets all enterprises, big or small. They will work with anyone willing to follow their instruction and can even offer training services for those business owners that need a little extra help understanding the ins and outs of technology today.

The first and most frequently asked question is why telecommunication infrastructure is important for business. This is 2018; after all, mobile lines have taken over technology. However, business phone systems are a must. Decades ago business communication was a simpler process. Most would pick up the phone and call the office, which then brought them to the correct extension by itself. However, with an influx of business and a more demanding economy, patience has become a lost virtue and even a minor mistake can result in termination of the employee.

Life with new-age technology has left little room for error in modern business. Customers don’t want to wait for a business to call them back. They demand instant solutions and gratification, and that’s where business phone systems come in to play.

To appease clients, companies now understand the necessity of working quickly and efficiently to get their tasks done, and making tough decisions and solving problems while doing it. DCS Telecom provides top quality collaboration and communication and they believe only the best equipment and software will be good enough for any size enterprise.

About DCS Telecom Ltd.

DCS Telecom is located in Vaughan Ontario, Canada and has been partnered with Samsung for 18 years. They provide services for all enterprises interested in working with them, handling all Wi-Fi and Telecommunications. Their service includes sales, installation, training, support, and quality service of voice and data communications such as (but not limited to) WeVoIP, VoIP CTI, Firewall, WLAN, WAN, LAN, and Networking.

The folks over at DCS Telecom are passionate about providing clients with only the best services in technology today. They specialize in Samsung product lines, although sell many products of their own. They provide services for product lines and systems such as Meridian Norstar, Cisco, Mitel, and much more. This includes installation of Network Structured Cabling, house wiring using STP/UTP copper ethernet for switches or fiber optic cabling.

The list doesn’t end there, DCS Telecom will also update and enhance current phone systems and communications with their latest Samsung technology, providing telecom and data solutions throughout the globe. It is their goal to enhance telecommunications for businesses and their clients so communicating between enterprises can be stress-free again.

Media Contact
Company Name: DCS Telecom Ltd
Contact Person: Ruben A.
Email: service@dcstelecom.ca
Phone: 416.674.1766
Address:155 Romina Drive
City: Vaughan
State: Ontario, L4K 4Z9
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.dcstelecom.ca/contact-us/