A Great Personalized Gift for Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Buy a beautiful crystal, in the shape you like, with a picture you love

A new year marks the start of a new era. It is the time for people to wish a Happy New Year to those around them who have made an important contribution to their life. Everyone likes to thank the people who are important to them, and may even prefer to go a step further by offering a memento of appreciation that manifests their gratitude and warmth.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. That is indeed the power of photos! 3D Laser Gifts provides customers with the opportunity to select a wonderfully personalized gift from the ease and convenience of their chair! Customers can get a beautifully crafted crystal that has the photo of your choice and a message embedded in it.  All they have to do is choose the shape of the crystal and upload any photo they would like to be printed on it. 3D Laser Giftswill create this ideal gift, which will be cherished by family, friends, or colleagues alike.

3D Laser Giftsprovides a wide range of crystal shapes, appropriate for multiple uses. Starting from the wide landscape design, which ideally accommodates multiple individuals, such as a family, to a Portrait design, ideal for framing a photo of an individual. The available crystal designs also include the innovative diamond and a lovely heart. Customers can further be more imaginative with other forms such as prestige, peak tower, cathedral, and many more. (With Valentine’s Day approaching, you can also get a special 50% discount on the heart shape. Use the promo code: REDHEART)

These 3D Laser Giftsare ideal for so many purposes! It can serve as a birthday gift to a friend, an anniversary memento, or a token of love. These gifts from 3D Laser Giftscan also be used for more formal purposes such as a memorable office award for performance recognition and tenure appreciation. These crystals will make their recipients happy and proud, acting as a reminder of appreciation. These gifts will also work as a decorative item on a recipient’s workplace desk, the shelf in their living room, or by their bedside.

3D Laser Giftshelps customers buy gift items that are unique in many ways. The personalized crystals are practical and compact. They decorate without taking too much space. The photos, embedded in crystal, are virtually indestructible as they do not fade or cannot be scratched out. These crystals are also up with the modern 3D trend.

Customers can add further value by including different accessories like a light base, that has an LED light to illuminate the crystal and accentuate its charisma. Other accessories include key chains, necklaces, and many other items that can be explored on the 3D Laser Gifts website.

About 3D Laser Gifts

3D Laser Giftsprovides multipurpose crystal gift items that can be used by individuals and corporations alike. These crystals can be personalized with a photo or a message, depending on the customization options selected. These personalized crystals are a modern 3D trend, sleek in a compact manner, and as timeless as your warmth and affection.

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