Dallas Rapper J King releases his new single Trap Out

The Dellas Texas Rapper Jimmy Jayl Sylvia, who goes by the stage name J King Da Goat, has released his latest single track, “Trap Out”. This is the latest release by the artist this year after two other hits. Each of these singles have been proudly published on J King’s social media pages and digital music service Spotify, outside the support and influence of the corporate music industry.

The new rap is bouncing with bass, banging with beats and showcases the rhymes and lines of one of Texas’s one of the most aggressive poets. Trap Out is a sure sign that the career of this newly sprouted artist is still on top.

J King’s Trap Out is preceded by his Image and On One, published earlier this year. All the three singles belong to his new album The Streets Need Me. Both remain available at online music stores for listening and purchase today. He also encourages everyone on social media platforms to promote his songs.

Hip-Hop and rap is the music of people and struggle is a cornerstone of these genres. J King’s Trap Out is also one that every person who lives a street life can relate to. It has got that beat that makes every person of color feel the same.

About the Artist

Jimmy Jayl Sylvia was born in Oak Cliff, Texas. He had taken a like towards music from a very young age. He was just 13 years old when he began to feel the upbeat of rap music. Later, he started rapping on his own. He got a great deal of support from his family members. It was his cousin that influenced him to freestyle to different instruments.

The artist’s life took a turn when he had to face a lawsuit. He went to prison in 2005 till 2012. From that time onwards, he began to take his passion to the next level.

J King is someone who lives and breathes music.  To J King, rapping is something that he finds relief in. It is his way of expressing himself and a method to ease out his anger and pain without violence. He considers music as a medium to let people around the world hear the story that he wants to tell.

The artist has made his own game in both Hip Hop and Rap genres. According to Analysis by influencer, the artist has nearly 2.2k subscribers with an average view of 223k.  A huge majority of 287.17 per cent people marked his music as excellent. To listen to his latest track visit:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/02EEPTGw5umyfX60lbMEVR?si=REbkNmRWQDqfaZ2kg52CSA

To know more about the artist:

Instagram: jkingdagoat3317 

Youtube: j king da goat

Twitter: jkingdagoat1

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