Customers looking for roll top freestanding baths have more to choose from at JT Spas

When it comes to freestanding baths, there is plenty on offer at JT Spas, from classic baths to contemporary baths in oval, double ended, boat shapes, and more. But for those looking for elegant roll top baths, JT Spas has a more extensive selection than ever.

JT Spas, which has been specialising in bathroom products and accessories for many years, has a good idea of what its customers are looking for. That’s why its focus has always been on quality, partnering only with premium and established manufacturers of different bathroom products which include bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, toilets and basins, taps, radiators, and other bathroom accessories, big and small.

Another long-time focus of JT Spas is affordability. Since it has been able to directly partner with a number of trusted manufacturers, it can afford to offer high-quality products at competitive prices which are lower than their regular retail prices in other shops. This, coupled with a free delivery service, makes JT Spas an obvious choice for many customers in the UK.

But for people who are looking for a freestanding bath for their bathroom, JT Spas offers a more extensive selection today, especially with its collection of classic and elegant roll top baths. The range of roll top baths on offer at JT Spas is designed to cater to every need and preference, and they can also fit into most any bathroom as well.

One such example of the roll top bath range at JT Spas is the Knightsbury Freestanding Luxury Double Ended Roll Top Bath, which measures 1760mm by 800mm by 630mm. This bath has a claw-foot design, and it is available for only £416.90 at JT Spas (its regular retail price is £947.50, which allows JT Spas customers to save an additional £530.60). The bath is manufactured following the strictest CE standards, and it comes with acrylic sheets which are a total of 5mm in thickness. JT Spas explains further: “All our freestanding baths have a thermal sheet incorporated inside their cavities. Because of the thermal sheets the water stays warmer 60% longer than in standard baths.”

Another classic claw-foot, roll top bath at JT Spas is the Moods Richmond Double Ended Freestanding Roll Top Bath, measuring 1690mm by 740mm, which comes in a contemporary white colour. Its price at JT Spas is only £351, but elsewhere, it is available for £532.

For those who want to give their bathrooms an elegant, chic, and timeless appeal, a beautiful roll top bath is the best choice.

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JT Spas is a popular bathroom product supplier offering affordable yet quality bathroom products, which include freestanding baths. All bathroom products are featured on the JT Spas website. 

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