Cryptocurrency Giants Seek To Open “Historical Mining” Operation In Old Mining Site


Miniera is a crowd-funded cryptocurrency mining operation with a ‘historical mining’ touch located in Geleen, The Netherlands, a city which features low-cost electricity, and has a stable political and economic environment as well as a good network infrastructure.

Almost a century ago, the Dutch State Mines (DSM) started their coal mining operation in Geleen and the site was named ‘Maurits’, after a Prince of the House of Orange. It was the biggest coal mine in The Netherlands and mining operations continued until 1967. Now, more than 50 years later Miniera Mining Company will commence crypto mining on this site.

Miniera launched the pilot phase of its operation on the 16th of April, and have extensively tested our customized mining rigs named Miniera I developed by our engineers. The Miniera I Mining Rigs will be installed in customized server racks with energy-efficient cooling technology, combined with the most advanced security and monitoring system and will provide the most profitable output. Our miners mine on several cryptocurrency algorithms like “Ethash”, “Groestl”, “CryptoNight”, “Equihash”, “NeoScrypt” and many more. When Miniera comes full-circle, participants will have the opportunity to rent a mining rig on our location without the hassle of utility costs, cooling and maintenance. And unlike other Mining ICO’s, we allow users to alternate the coin to mine in their dashboard without adjusting or breaching the contract.

The next step in the growth of the Miniera Mining Company is the launch of our ICO on May 1, 2018. The Miniera Mining Company team which consists of specialists in all disciplines from all continents will also be presented together with the Miniera White Paper (a document which contains the Miniera roadmap as well as the allocation of the ICO for potential investors) at the official launch. The team is led by two international entrepreneurs: Richard Paes (The Netherlands; Paes Real Estate, and owner of the former coal mining site ‘Maurits’ where Miniera is now situated) and Christian Petermann (Germany; Imaginatio, serial entrepreneur).

The Miniera Mining Company ICO tokens will be implemented as an NTP-1 token on the Neblio platform, which is known as the Blockchain 3.0. This allows the blockchain to communicate with every software we have on offer as well as the dashboard for our customers using RESTful API’s and different coding libraries. 125.000.000 tokens will be distributed on our website starting May 1st, 2018 and will be available for cryptocurrency investors who wish to grab this opportunity.

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