The new Superset system allows anyone to create smart contracts in English using a web browser or mobile phone

Superset is the revolutionary new platform that enables anyone to create smart contracts in plain English from a web browser or mobile phone and have it deployed automatically on the Superset network. The smart contract can be for anything such as to pay the house owner a specific amount of rent every month or a team of 200 researchers who need to be remunerated at a certain period. Moreover, Superset can also be used to completely replicate products that have raised millions via ICOs.

The applications of the Superset system are endless as it can be used to run an entire company, city or country with the efficiency of a machine and zero waste. Superset smart contracts are backed by the SUPER token, an ERC-20 type utility token which can be purchased through the ongoing Pre-Sale till May 31st, 2018. The price of 1 SUPER token is equal to $0.80 and the investors can earn a discount of 20%, 15%, 10% in the various stages of Pre-sale, respectively.

Superset can operate on any blockchain that has smart contracts. The users will have the authority to make their smart contracts free to use for all or set a licensing fee if required. All the private smart contracts they have created can only be accessed by the users that the publisher invites while the public smart contracts can be accessed by everyone on the Superset system.

The users can also set the expiry date for a smart contract for terminating it automatically or leave it like that for it to run forever. They can interact with the smart contracts by sending files or cryptocurrencies to the smart contracts on the Superset website or the mobile app. Superset will soon launch a constitution written into a smart contract that will enable the users to cast a vote on the amendments to the constitution. If any suggested changes receive a fair number of votes from the Superset members, the owners will implement the change. The details about the voting system are now available on the Superset’s official website.

In addition, Superset will have another smart contract that runs a digital anonymous court system, to pick random Superset users having a reputation score above a certain threshold to resolve any smart contract disputes. The court system smart contract will also debit the costs to compensate (and incentivize) the digital jury from the money sent to the smart contract. There is a lot more that can be done with the Superset smart contracts; more information about the same can be found at

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