CryptoCurrency Anonymous Testnet Live, and New advisors Announced

A live testnet, new additions to the team, and increased rewards for masternodes are some of the developments that have occurred as the Anonymous (ANON) team readies for the public debut of ANON coin in September 2018. ANON is intended to address the need for a cryptocurrency that provides anonymity to users, is adoptable on a large scale, and is appealing to both those new to crypto and existing crypto users.

Testing of ANON is in progress with the testnet currently live and mineable. The testnet allows developers to fine tune operations prior to the official launch of the coin. Exchange applications have also been completed, with the team expecting to be able to provide a list of participating exchanges this month, as previously announced.

Along with a live testnet, over the summer, ANON was able to bring on Steven Nerayoff, the legal architect of the ETH ICO, and Ran Neu-Ner, CNBC’s Crypto Trader. Nerayoff and Neu-Ner have joined on as part of the active advisory board of ANON.

In another new development, masternodes, a key feature of ANON, stand to see increased returns. Via masternodes, users who hold coins for a long term receive a dividend-style return. The team recently adjusted the masternode requirement to 500 ANON so as to increase the average payout by 500% for masternode holders. Masternodes in the ANON network also have influence on the future of the coin.

While ANON is a co-fork of Bitcoin (BTC) and ZClassic (ZCL), the team wants to make sure ANON is clearly distinguished from BTC, which denies users anonymity. ZCL, in contrast to BTC, uses the MIT-developed zkSNARKs privacy protocol that facilitates verification without revealing details of the transaction, ensuring privacy and security. ANON will use the same privacy protocol, which is a major distinction the team wants to emphasize. As a result, ANON will be available at 2:1 ANON for ZCL, while it will be 1:1 ANON for BTC.  

Other ways ANON improves on BTC are by getting around the slow and costly transactions that plague the BTC network.  In addition to being inconvenient for existing BTC users, these qualities stand in the way of widespread crypto adoption, a challenge that ANON seeks to overcome. Through larger block sizes, ANON intends to speed up transaction times, making crypto a more practical option for frequent, recurrent use.

The ANON team continues its commitment to transparency throughout the development process by engaging with the community via social media. As one deterrent to involvement in cryptocurrency is a lack of understanding, such engagement is intended to pique the interest of those new to crypto and provide relevant education for those on the cusp of joining the crypto community. Transparency also functions to attract existing crypto users who want to follow the forking process and provide suggestions and feedback.

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