Northern Force Security – A Toronto Security Company

Founded by past military professionals and authorities in anti-terrorism, Northern Force Security is a unique security company.  Due to the continuing danger of global terrorism, the qualifications possessed by the company’s founders are a significant aspect to client safety. Ensuring that security professionals are experienced in both contemporary security services and anti-terrorism strategies allows  for an elevated amount of customer service, which guarantees both the mutual achievement of the company and customer satisfaction.

Northern Force Security ( partners up with property management companies  providing Concierge Security services as another way to supply instant answers to client’s needs and requirements.

Concierge Security offers the following services:

  • front desk concierge
  • entrance guarding
  • video surveillance monitoring
  • organized emergency response
  • immediate response

Front desk concierge
is a necessary element in order for an apartment or condominium building to flourish and operate efficiently. Northern Force Security has professional concierges that are skilled at concentrating on the protocols of visitor management,  increased security of the building, and maintenance of all resident’s safety.

Northern Force Security guards are also expertly skilled in guarding the entrance to buildings, which  ensures all visitors have legitimate business at the building and are skilled in recognizing if someone is threatening a resident’s safety.

Video surveillance monitoring is performed by the Northern Force Security guards in order to monitor activity on the property 24/7.  The guards are trained to be able to make quick decisions in the examination of video surveillance as a means of preventing any criminal activity or vandalism.

Guards are trained in organized emergency response because no one knows when a situation will develop into an emergency setting.   Guards are skilled in evacuation procedures in the event of a fire, natural disaster or terrorist activity.

Immediate response is needed in the event of an accident, injury, or criminal action.  It is important that security guards are skilled in handling these types of situations.  It is imperative that security guards are capable of responding professionally as well as being able to cooperate with the local law enforcement and fire department.

About Northern Force Security

Northern Force Security ( is a distinctive security company, making client safety and security a number one priority.  Security provided for homes, businesses, concierges, buildings, VIP services, and mobile security services.  Also, offering a variety of security training programs, risk assessment, and other expert and personalized services. 

North Force Security has a vision for changing Canadian security and anti-terrorism training to exceed the existing expectations that prove beneficial to all clientele. The company’s exclusive mission is to supply the residents of Canada with an unparalleled plan for their personal safety, as well as the protection of their property.  

Additionally, Northern Force Security is committed to providing a security service with sophisticated customer service that ensures 24/7 availability.   A security company dedicated to offering each customer a customized service according to their needs. 

Northern Force Security is also dedicated to the continuous creative development of the latest advancements to security services and products. 

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Phone: 1-877-547-3687
Address:4646 Dufferin St, Unit #7
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