Crypto Technology\’s Ltd Launches a New Era of Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Software

Market Miner Software, Providing The Latest And Most Effective Algorithms to Give You The Edge Over 99% of Conventional Traders

January 31, 2018 – Crypto Technology’s LTD has finally announced the introduction of their special grand Market Miner software which started in 2017 by a group of analytics, developers and professional traders all due to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies all over the world. Market Miner software, a new generation bot which can analyse data from many external sources and with a sheer volume of information requiring professional analysis, better results can thus be achieved by traders in lesser time. No wonder it is one in a new million, especially in this era of uncertainty and risk in the world of crypto.

According to Larry Stevenson, one of the software developers “this software is an extremely amazing one as 99% of materials are coming from users or trading bot testers, which makes it really hard to find anything on the internet about the software that comes from its owners”. Thus, with the rich history behind it, it is important for beginners who aspires to become professional traders and aiming at having a stable source of earning to choose the software in their journey to the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Hence, Market Miner can be viewed as the immediate answer to trader needs with the varieties of opportunities it presents. These opportunities are not limited to the 48hrs free demo account credited with 1BTC training fee after signing up, smart trading robot, fast trade executing, diversified trading, lifetime update, compatible brokers and down to the technical indicators which are fully automated to put trade in expert timing. However it is necessary to check the selected trading bot before depositing funds as the application and keeping of common sense is always important. If actually interested in Crypto Auto Trading, no better software than the ‘MARKET MINER’

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